Selected Families and Individuals



1.  The 1880 United States Federal Census [Eufaula, Barbour, Alabama;  Roll: T9__2;  Family History Film:  1254002;  Page: 87A;  Enumeration District:  11;  Image: 0181]  shows James age as 19, estimated birth year :<1861> Occupation:  Farming,  relation:  Son {To Henry}, Home in 1880:  Eufaula, Barbour, Alabama,  

2.  From the 1910 U. S. Census - Dist No. 869 Georgia, ED #179 12B 28 Apr 1910.

3.  Annemarie DiRe' reports that family tradition dictated that no male child be named James since it was said that a relative James Hollingsworth was a horse thief.   {Is this the guy?}


1.  Another source shows Sylvia  A. "Civil" Harris  as daughter of Henry & Sarah Land....not proven...and I believe she is the wife of James....BUT,

2.  Still another source lists the wife of James Hollingsworth as Sylvia Robertson born in Jan 1862 in  Waycross, Ware, Georgia, died 31 May 1938 in Tallahassee, Leon, Florida.

3.  So, I believe the wife was Sylvia Robertson with names and vitals co-mingled.  She even named one of her TWIN sons Riley Robertson or Robertson Riley....


1.  This Winston may very well be same person as Clinton...

William Wiley HOLLINGSWORTH "Sr"

1.  William Wiley Hollingsworth, Sr. graduated from Senator's High School, Princeton and University of Pennsylvania PhD.

2.  Per Oral History:  He was a professor of Political Science @ Univerisity of Missouri.

3.  Annemarie DiRe' {Granddaughter} reports that her grandmother L. Italia J. Hollingsworth told her that his death came suddenly after he caught pneumonia after his best friend's burial so he might have been out of town at the time.

4.  Annemarie also reports that there is oral history of his father's plantation in Atlanta, Georgia.

5.  Family Search Pedigree Resource File Compact Disc #65 Pin #308796.

Lillan Italia Juanita DE JARNETTE

1.  Annemarie Di Re' reports that her Grandmother was schooled in a local elementary school to 8th grade in Berkeley,  and Sacramento High School, University of California BA & D.JP.   

2.  She was trained as a lawyer (UC Berkeley "Cal") but practiced as a social worker until William Wiley Sr. died, when she needed a more profitable profession.

3.  L. J. de Jarnette left a family tree that went back to Germany.  [Somehow a possible nick name of "Katherine" is floating aroung for her]  

4.  This family decends from Jefferson Davis, the confederate president, on the maternal side at least four generations back on the Davis line.

5.  Annemarie reports that her grandmother always looked so regal with her long white hair up in a coronet braid on top of her head, her professional dresses and portly figure.

Jenevieve Eloise HOLLINGSWORTH

1.  Annemarie DiRe' reports that Eloise was born September 19, 1915, studied & graduated:  nutrition then occupation therapy at San Jose State University, California.

William Wiley HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr"

1.  Annemarie DiRe' reports that her father was born in Berkeley on August 31, 1923, but after serving in WW II studied & graduated:  business and civil engineering at Georgia Tech.

2.  He had four children by his first wife, and had some nice step-daughters and grandchildren.

2.  KD reports that William Wiley died of cancer on 31 Aug 2004


1.  Richard has no direct heirs, but he has some cute grandkids from his 2nd or 3rd wife.

David Dino DI RE'

1.  Dave never knew his grandparents who immigrated from Cantaloupo, Italy but has fond memories of his maternal grandparents.

Anne Marie "Annemarie" HOLLINGSWORTH

1.  Annemarie reports that tradition dictated that first and middle initials be the same but this oral history is questionable.  

2.  It worked for William Wiley, Sr. & Jr., Riley R., and John J.   [ about Winston, Beulah, & Henry?]

3.  Annemarie lives in the Sacramento, California area.