Selected Families and Individuals


Robert Hugh CRAWFORD

1.  Robert resided at 801 North 19th, Memphis, Texas at time of death.  Reported to have died about 2:00 pm of natural causes.  ???

2.  Several weeks prior to Robert's death, an automobile that he had jacked up and was working on, fell on him.  He refused to go see a doctor.    

3.  The day he died, he had gone to the farm near Lakeview to tend to some livestock and he was discovered dead in his auto and the auto was in the ditch.  [Source:  Mary, daughter]  This occurred 7 days prior to the birth of daughter Mary Karen.

4.  Death Certificate #1303 (Reg. No. 1183) on file.

5.  His occupation was Auto Salesman.


1.  Mary Alice died at Gainesville Memorial Hospital

Herman Ray "Hiram" CRAWFORD

1.  Hiram served in the U.S. Army Air Corp during WWI with Rank of Corporal, Swuadron E 350 2nd AAF Unit.  Entered 22 Oct 1942 @ Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and discharged 7 Oct 1945 @ Chanute AFB, Illinois.....Serial No. 38338323.

2.  Hiram was employee (Manager) of Memphis Compress for over 30 years.

3.  He resided at 608 S 6th, Memphis, Texas at time of his death with wife Jo Ann.

4.  Note:  The two sons Richard & William carry the Morgan Surname...were they adopted by Herman.  Jo Ann had been married previously.


1.  SS# 455-09-2372

2.  Occupation:  Kindergarten Teacher at Memphis, Hall County, Texas.