Selected Families and Individuals


John Willis ELLIS "Jr"

1.  John Ellis was killed in the Civil War

William Jackson ARGENBRIGHT "Sr"

1.  William was a Confederate infantry soldier in the Civil War.

2.  Occupation:  He was a carpenter until his death.

William Jackson ARGENBRIGHT "Jr"

1.  William Jr. was killed in a train accident

Col. Sherman McKeel HUNT "II"

1.  Sherman Jr. served three years in the Air Force {1943-1946}in World War II in the Mediterranean Theatre, and later in the Korean Conflict.  He retired as a Colonel.

2. He was in Counter Intelligence work.

3.  Education:   Graduate of Vanderbilt Law School in 1950.

4.  He served in the Tennessee Guard until his death.

Sherman McKeel HUNT "III"

1.  Occupation:  Journalist

2.  He was on the Staff of Governor Laman Alexander of Tennessee in 1949.

3.  He had no children.

Calvert Brent BYRNE

1.  Brent & Marie did not have children