Selected Families and Individuals


William Franklin MADDOX

1.  William was TWIN to Mary

Mary Frances MADDOX

1.  Mary was TWIN to William


1.  Elivira's date of birth is shown prior to the marriage of Marshall & Amy


1.  It would appear that Sallie's birth date is in error or that her mother's date of birth is in error.

Sarah Candice MADDOX

1.  Some information from Virginia Louise Maddox Blackmon.

2.  Some information from Oleta Harris records.

3.  Information from Janice Elnora Maddox Suggs 24 Aug 1991...

4.  Wanda Laverne Maddox Gentry 17 Feb 1992

5.  Alternate date & place of birth:  17 Nov 1868, Vinyard Township, Washington, Arkansas.

6.  Alternate date  & place of death:  8 Mar 1937, De Leon, Comnche, Texas.