Selected Families and Individuals


John Joseph "Joe" CORN

1.  Joe Corn was killed in a bar in Silver City, New Mexico.  

2.  There is a long article about the shooting from the Silver City News dated 29 Nov 1900.

Joseph W. MADDOX

1.  Joseph & Pearlie were married at the residence of Steve Maddox by J. J. Taylor, JP

2.  The 1920 Bylor, Fayette County, Alabama Census shows Family #166, Joe Maddox, head, male, age 26, farmer, own home, born in Alabama,  Perllie, wife, age 21, born in Georgia;  William T, son, age 11 months, born in Alabama:  Harriet, motier age 59, widow , born in Alabama.

Effie Josephine CORN

1.  Janelle Foster reports death at Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Lute Archie SKINNER

1.  Lute Skinner was listed on the 1880 Census, Runnells County, Texas as age 3, with his parents.  

2.  He is listed on the 1900 & 1910 Census of Lincoln County, New Mexico.

3.  Bible records in possession of Sue Skinner, Portales, New Mexico shows birth and death.

4.  Janelle Foster of Portales, New Mexico has Marriage Certificate showing date of marriage.

5.  Death Certificate from Santa Fe, New Mexico shows his death in Roswell, New Mexico and burial in Carlsbad, New Mexico in 1929.

6.  Lute was a well respected man in Lincoln and Eddy Counties...he worked for the NM Pipeline at Bonia, NM and was foreman over the men who built it.   The Conservation Board of the State of New Mexico gave him a wonderful citation for his service.  

7.  His wife, Ella received a letter of gratitude from the Board when he died.

Ella "Ellie" CORN

1.  Bible records of Willis Corn and Ellie Corn Skinner were found in a trunk now owned by Bess Jones of Portales, New Mexico.  The records have been registered with DAR in Washington, DC.

2.  Ellie died in Portales, New Mexico as a result of a broken hip and lung congestion.