Selected Families and Individuals


Dennis Duwayne WEATHERFORD

1.  Dennis went to New Mexico Junior College @ Hobbs, New Mexico for a term.

2.  Dennis had three shunts installed the week of January 1, 2005....bad heart.


1.  Janette was adopted by the Campbell family....biological parents unknown.

Dennis Duwayne WEATHERFORD

1.  Dennis went to New Mexico Junior College @ Hobbs, New Mexico for a term.

2.  Dennis had three shunts installed the week of January 1, 2005....bad heart.

Deanna Faye LEE

1.  Deanna works for the Government at March Air Reserve Base.

Lawrence Joseph GIBSON "III"

1.  Larry works for the Visiting Nurses Association of the Inland Empire.

Michael Lewis GIBSON

1.  e-mail

Michele "Missy" Lynn GIBSON

1.  Missy is Red Headed.

Leonard "Len" Alexander PATRICK

1.  Lynn has done an excellent  job with his education and training.

2.  He has made a career in the U. S. Air Force.

3.  Currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.  (15 Dec 2004).  He is the HQs Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Civil Engineer overseeing policy and advocating for CE resources for 13 Air Force Bases.

4,  Occasion of the Frocking Ceremony Honoring Colonel Leonard A. Patrick On 20 Feb 2008 at the Gateway Club at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, Officiating Officer General William R. Looney III Commander, Air Education and Training Command Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.

    Colonel Leonard A. Patrick is Commander of the 37th Training Wing, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, the largest training wing in the United States Air Force.  He is responsible for four primary training missions graduating more than 70,000 students annually, in addition to providing base operations and support to 45,000 people.  Those four missions include the basic military training of all enlisted personnel entering the Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, technical training for a wide array of Air Force support functions encompassing more than 380 separate sourses.  English languge training for international military personnel from more than 110 countries at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center, and specialized maintenance and security training for Latin American students from more than 20 countries at the Inter-American Air Forces Adademy.

    Colonel Patrick entered the Air Force in May 1981 upon receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from the U. S. Air Force Academy.  He served in various base level and headquarters assignments, most recently as the Director of Installations and Mission Support, Headquarters Air Mobility Command. Colonel Patrick is a licensed engineer in the state of Virginia.

Lynne Marie GIBSON

1.  This writer, "Uncle Earl" changed a few dirty diapers on this kid so her mother and Aunt Jane could go bowling and have a night out on the town at Artesia, New Mexico.

2.  Lynne & Len got married at March Air Force Base Officers' Club and the Earl Jones family attended.

3.  After 14 years since high school graduation; marriage to Len Patrick in 1981; 6 moves around the world (Colorado Springs 1980-1981, Hawaii 1981-1984, Illinois 1984-1985, Germany 1985-1989, Saudi Arabia 1989-1991, and Virginia 1991-1992; 2 wonderful children; and a war in the Middle East), Lynn Marie graduated from the University of Maryland, University College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management 23 May 1992, with these remarks:  HOORAY!!  HOORAY!!

4.  Lynne & Leonard live in San Antonio, Texas as of 15 Dec 2004.

5.  She has qualified for the M-16, did field trainng.

Amanda Lynne PATRICK

1.  Amanda has grown graduate from Texas State University in Aug 2004, engaged....job hunting in San Antonio, Texas as of 12 Nov 2004, but since has moved to Austin, Texas and is working for 3M as a Project Manager.

Matthew Alexander PATRICK

1.  As of December 2005 Matt is going to college in Sacramento, but, has decided to transfer schools and move to San Antonio to be closer to family.

2.  He is seeking a degree in Computer Information Systems.