Earl Jones Genealogy



1.  Ross lives in Atoka, Oklahoma

2.  Ancestry.com gives name as Rosell


1.  Jerry was adopted by Ross Andrews and his wife Jean.

Henry Mitchell MC MINN

1.  Henry was a Horse Trader & Lather and his trading in horses gave him recognition throughout the county.  He was quite a successful businessman.

2.  Henry & Dorothy made their home on State Street in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

3.  Source:  Article 280 by:  Julia Jane McCrary McMinn.

Samuel "Polka Dot" ANDERS

1.  Alternate name: T. V. Anders.

Amanda Pauline NEWTON

1.  Alternate name:  Annie Garren Newton.

William DEDMAN

1.  William Dedman was proprietor and Publish of "The Henderson Times", the forerunner of the "Times-News".