Selected Families and Individuals


Thomas MC MINN "Jr"

1.  Alternate date of marriage:  12 Sep 1812.


1.  From 1920 Census of Mangum, Greer County, Oklahoma, Enumerated 4 Feb 1920.  [Thanks Jimmy C]

James Robert MC MINN

1.  James had three land Grants: 1860 - 380 Acres, 1861 - 120 Acres, 1876 - 80 Acres.

2.  James may have been in the logging business, and moved on to Tennessee then to Kansas in 1880.

3.  James R. McMinn's family is buried in Mountain Springs Cemetery on Chickalah Mountain, Yell County, Arkansas.

4.  Sources of Information:  1880 Census of Arkansas
                                                1900 Census of McMinnville, Oregon
                                                Highland Newspaper
                                                Noma Lee McMinn Taylor Records
                                                Janelle Foster Records
                                                Page 195 Articles 385 - 386 Volume 1, The Heritage of Henderson County, NC

Sarah Ann CORN

1.  Alternate middle initial:   "M"

Jesse M. MC MINN

1.  Jesse co-owned land with his brother James R. at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Family lore is that they donated part of this land for the McMinn Cemetery Plot.  Tombsone inscriptions indicate that relatives were in this area in 1812.

2.  Source:  Volume 1 - The Heritage of Henderson County, NC page 385

John Mitchell MC MINN

1.  John M. was listed on Henderson County's Slave List.

2.  John ran the old Post Office in Flat Rock.

3.  He owned a grocery store on what is now main street in Hendersonville, that his son George W. took over.

4.  John & Frances are the Great Great Grandparents of Rose Armstrong Rudolph, 2800 Sterling Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73127.

5.  Abstract Henderson County, NC Estate Records 1838-1900 by Kathleen A. Summers, Gateway Press, 2002 p.115.   John McMinn 1872: died 1869
                     J. L. McMinn, admin., as eldest son
                     Elizabeth Heatherly
                     Sarah Downing
                     minor heirs of Margaret Wolf, residents of TX


1.  Name may have been Frances Saunders and born 19 May 1803.

2.  This is the line of Cathy Gowdy.

Eulaine Pace MC MINN

1.  Eulaine must have died young.

Jessie L. MC MINN

1.  Jessie never married.

2.  He was in the Civil War at Warm Springs, Virginia.

Esq. Jesse Andrew MC MINN

1.  There is no proof that Jesse's middle name was Andrew as some have purported.  

2.  Noma Lee McMinn Taylor writes that Jesse McMinn was born 1806....settled in the Clear Creek area.    

3.  This Jesse McMinn's homeplace was called "The Mansion House" on his estate records, and he had some 1680 acres at the time of his death.  He lived right above Stella McMinn Wilson Corbett's home where the Ceramic plant is now on Love Mountain.

4.  In book 7, page 477, at the Courthouse, Jesse was a Constable...thus the title "Esquire".

5.  Sources:  Tombstones, Deeds, Census [1850 & 1870 Henderson County], Estate Records, Beck Bible, Mrs. Effie McMinn Lyda, and Noma Lee McMinn Taylor, Will of Edward Shipman, Henderson County, NC Book I, p.89, DAR papers of Jacob Shipman, Wanda H. Arnold - Family Group Sheet.

6.  Jesse was known as "The Real Old Grandpaw".

7.  Alternate date of death:  5 Nov 1862.

8.  Buried in the Ebenezer Church Cemetery, Henderson, North Carolina.

9.  The picture that I have in my data base as Jesse was removed because Frank McMinn of Bat Cave, North Carolina, said that it was some of his wife's people, so I have now deleted it.    [Anyone have a picture of Jesse I can scan?]

10.  Jesse & Zilpha McMinn are recorded in Shipman section of The Ballard and Related Families by E. Murrey at Hendersonville library.  Their children are listed as James, John, and Andrew Jesse, Jr.


1.  Alternate birth date:  3 Sep 1805.

2.  Zilphia's mother was Hannah Mary  Robinson [DAR paper of Jacob Shipman]

3.  Zilpha was known as "The Real Old Grandmaw".

Andrew Jesse MC MINN "Jr"

1.  Andrew Jesse McMinn never married.


1.  Richard Jones reports the following:

2.  Robert was executor of his father's Will, along with William McDowell, a son-in-law.  

3.  Robert is brother of John that married Sophia Best.

4.  Some of the Best's married in Edgar and Crawford Counties by the late 1800's.

5.  This bunch of Thompson's came out of West Virginia, then a part of Augusta County, Virginia.

6.  Richard further believes Robert & Elizabeth were in Tennessee during the 1820's.

7.  This is unproven.

Moses Daniel SHIPMAN

1.  Moses and Mary lived in vaious places in the Carolinas.  On 5 Mar 1814 they moved to Buncombe County, North Carolina and later the same month they set out for Texas, and then part of Mexico.

2.  He is listed as one of the original "Three Hundred" colonist of Stephen F. Austin to Texas.

3.  He is listed on the 1826 Census with wife and 8 children.


1.  John McMinn Shipman was known to have fought at the Battle of San Jacinto along with many of his other kinfolk such as General Edward Burleson.

2.  He is listed as Lieutenant John Shipman of Fort Bend, Texas.

3.  He was at the Battle of Mier on 25 Dec 1842 and captured by the Mexican Army.   He never nade it back to take part in the famous "Black Bean" drawing.  This is the story where an earthen pot contained 159 white beans and 17 black beans was used for the Texas prisoners were made to draw a bean from the pot.  Those Texans drawing white beans lived and those drawing black beans were shot.  [This is a true story in the history of Texas during it's Republic days.]