Selected Families and Individuals



1.  Martha's maiden name may have been Kuykendall or simply as Rebecca Kuykendall as given by The New Family Search.

William Henry CAPPS "II"

1.  William was a Revolutionary  War Patriot from North Carolina.


1.  Phoebe and George lived in Habersham County, Georgia in the 1830's and 1840's afterwhich they moved to Cherokee County, Georgia where they died.

2.  Information comes from Mrs.Lynn G. Ramsaur of Clarksville, Georgia.

Abraham BRUCE

1.  Abraham was on MUSTER ROLL of Company "D" 14th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army, in Northern Virginia, C.S.A. Cherokee County, Georgia.  (Cherokee Brown Rangers)

2.  Abraham Bruce - Private July 9, 1861.  Wounded 27 Jun 1862 at Gaines Mill, Virginia,  in left arm, necessitating amputation below shoulder.  On wounded furlough 30 Jun 1864 until close of war.

Lt. Col. Frederick HAMBRIGHT "Sr"

1.  Frederick emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1740.

2.  By looking at his Rank, he must have enjoyed a good Military Service Record.

3.  Frederick was 90-years old at death.  [He lived on the border with Cleveland County, North Carolina.]

4.  In her report on Benjamin Hardin family descendants, Teresa Hammer only listed the following names for Rebecca and Col. Frederick Hambright:   James, Elizabeth, John Hardin, Benjamin, Maj. Franklin, & Sarah.