Selected Families and Individuals


Jonathan "John" KUYKENDALL

1.  The 1800 Census showed 7 children in family at that time.

2.  John & Nancy moved to Franklin County, Tennessee before 1810 and was still there in 1814 per deed (DB H, pgs 354, 357, 358) and was probably still there in 1820, as Jonathan Kirkindall in 45+ range who undoubtedly is John shows up.

3.  He shows up next on the Marion County, Alabama, Census.


1.  This marriage is not proven...and someone reports that Nancy was the mother of Affa ??????


1.  James was a Soldier in the Revolutionary War.

2.  James was a farmer.

3.  They first lived in Walton County, (Now Transylvania), North Carolina and then moved to Habersham County, Georgia in 1827.

4.  He was granted land in the 1832 lottery.

5.  Information from Ancestors & Descendents of Cornelius Kuykendall 1813-1890 and Betty Price Kuykendall records of Route 2, Box 5069, Mt. Gilead, North Carolina - 27306.   THANKS A LOT!

6.  He returned to Buncombe County and is counted on the 1803 Walton County, Georgia, (Now Transylvania County, North Carolina) Census with family of 12 plus one (1) slave. Of the 14 children we know that 10 of them were born prior to 1803.

7.  In 1810 James had listed 4 slaves.

8.  Janelle Foster reports the year and place of James & Mary's marriage was 1771 in North Carolina.

9.  James Kuykendall was brother to Jane Kuykendall.

10  Alternate dates:   Birth:  1755           Death:  15 Aug 1841

Mary Esther "Polly" HAMBRIGHT

1.  Mary's Surname may have been something else...

2.  Betty Price Kuykendall States that Mary's name was not Hambright.  She further states that Frederick Hambright's daughter Mary, married Reece Price and moved to Northeast Alabama.  All Hambright children have been accounted for, both in his will and other records.  

3.  The Hambrick family is often confused with the Hambright family.  They are two different families.  I have no idea who Mary (James's wife) was, but she was not a Hambright.

1.  Janelle Foster reports year of birth for Mary was 1755...another source reports 9 Jan 1762

2.  Cathy Gowdy reports that this person was not Mary Hambright because Col. Frederick Hambright's daughter, Mary, married Reece Price and moved to NE Alabama,and gives reference to p.270, German Speaking People West of the Catawba River in North Carolins 1750-1800, by Lorena Schell Eaker,...maybe Hambrick?

1.  Mary & Reece Price supposedly moved Westward... to NE Alabama per Cathy Gowdy.


1.  Matthew was a company commander during the Revolutionary War...his rank is unknown.  [He lost the use of an arm in the Battle of Cowpens]

2.  On 7 Oct 1780 Matthew served at the Battle of King's Mountain...he escorted prisoners to the Mortavian Counties under Major Joseph McDowell.   

3.  Matthew & Nancy had 15, there needs to be some extensive research showing which of those listed are either "duplicates" or just do not belong.  [Alternate date of marriage 1 May 1780]

4.  Report from Betty Kuykendall Price shows Matthew was born to Matthew Kuykendall, Sr. & Jane Harden in Anson County, North Carolina and died 1845 in Butler County, Kentucky.

5.  Last Will & Testament - Probate Coiurt Records of DeSoto County, Mississippi.

6.  From the 1830 Census of Hardeman County, Tennessee,  it could be that Matthew was buried in either Hardemann or Fayette, Tennessee.

7.  The 1840 DeSota County, Mississippi Census reports that Matthew is head of household with only his 5 slaves.

Nancy - Mary JOHNSON

1.  Alternate place of marriage:  Washington County, Tennessee.

2.  Alternate dates & places of death:  25 Jan 1832 Hardeman County, Tennessee & 15 Aug 1832 in Fayette County, Tennessee.

3.  The New Family Search gives the name Mary Johnson.


1.  Source:  1850 Cannon County, Tennessee, Census Page 393A or 396B.

2.  Norris divorced Mary Beaty in 1853.

Sarah A. "Sally" CHARLES

1.  Sarah had twelve childen by W. H. Carden.

2.  Sarah had five children by. Robert Samuel Burroughs.


1.  Birth information from Ethel Fay Kuykendall Beard

2.  Alternate place of birth:  Tennessee


1.  Alternate place of birth:  Tennessee

Jacob Matthew KUYKENDALL

1.  Jacob & Nancy had 8 children.  [The one listed without a given name may have been one of those already listed.]

2.  Another source gives birth between 1774/1775;  died Bef 23 Dec 1828.


1.  Alternate date and place of birth:  1781 in Henderson County, North Carolina.