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Charles S. LANDERS [Parents] was born on 30 Dec 1821 in , Bedford, Tennessee. He died in 1868 in , Parker, Texas. He was buried in Near Weatherford, Parker, Texas. Charles married Mahalia WRIGHT.

Mahalia WRIGHT was born on 31 Dec 1822 in , Rutherford, North Carolina. She died in 1890 in , Somerville, Texas. Mahalia married Charles S. LANDERS.

Francis Marion LANDERS [Parents] was born about 1826 in , , Tennessee. Francis married Phoebe NUTT.

Phoebe NUTT was born in 1829 in , Bedford, Tennessee. She died before 1860 in Van Buren Twp, Newton, Missouri. Phoebe married Francis Marion LANDERS.

Manuel Barton BRITE was born on 16 Jun 1827 in , Allen, Kentucky. He died on 9 Dec 1909 in Pierce City, Lawrence, Missouri. Manuel married Phoebe C. LANDERS.

Phoebe C. LANDERS [Parents] was born in 1827 in , Bedford, Tennessee. Phoebe married Manuel Barton BRITE.

Jesse Franklin NUTT was born on 19 Jan 1833 in , Bedford, Tennessee. He died on 4 Feb 1913 in , Hood, Texas. Jesse married Letha Elizabeth LANDERS.

Letha Elizabeth LANDERS [Parents] was born about 1932 in , , Tennessee. Letha married Jesse Franklin NUTT.

Abel Robert LANDERS [Parents] was born on 12 Jan 1837 in , , Tennessee. He died on 14 Mar 1908 in Junction, Kimble, Texas. Abel married Eliza F. SMALL.

Eliza F. SMALL was born in Jul 1844 in , , Tennessee. Eliza married Abel Robert LANDERS.

Henry A. LANDERS [Parents] was born in 1838 in , Bedford, Tennessee. Henry married Mary NUTT.

Other marriages:
NUTT, Susan A.

Mary NUTT was born on 5 Feb 1843 in , Bedford, Tennessee. Mary married Henry A. LANDERS.


Henry A. LANDERS [Parents] was born in 1838 in , Bedford, Tennessee. Henry married Susan A. NUTT.

Other marriages:
NUTT, Mary

Susan A. NUTT was born about 1841. Susan married Henry A. LANDERS.

Caloway L. LANDERS was born about 1845 in , , Texas. Caloway married Martha A. LANDERS.

Martha A. LANDERS [Parents] was born about 1849 in Van Buren Twp, Newton, Missouri. Martha married Caloway L. LANDERS.

Daniel SHIPMAN was born about 1783 in , Wayne, Tennessee. He died about 1838 in , Wayne, Tennessee. Daniel married Eliza AUSTIN.

Eliza AUSTIN was born in , Pittsylvania, Virginia. She died in 1848 in , Hardin, Tennessee. She was buried in Bell Buckle, , Tennessee. Eliza married Daniel SHIPMAN.

They had the following children.

  M i
William SHIPMAN was born about 1806 in , Hardin, Tennessee. He died in 1866 in , Ripley, Missori.
  M ii
Elwood SHIPMAN was born in 1810 in , , Tennessee.
  M iii
Moses G. SHIPMAN was born about 1816 in , , Tennessee. He died in 1836.
  F iv
Dorcas SHIPMAN was born about 1817 in , , Tennessee.
  M v
Stephen SHIPMAN was born in 1818 in , , Tennessee.
  M vi Isaac C. SHIPMAN was born in 1819. He died on 27 Mar 1893.
  M vii
James "Jim" SHIPMAN was born about 1823 in , Wayne, Tennessee. He died about 1870.
  M viii
Willis SHIPMAN was born about 1825 in , Wayne, Tennessee.
  M ix
Aaron P. SHIPMAN was born in 1826 in , Wayne, Tennessee.
  M x
John M. SHIPMAN was born about 1833 in , Wayne, Tennessee.

Abraham Denton SHIPMAN [Parents] was born about 1799 in , Perry, Tennnessee. He died after 1834. Abraham married Jane KELLY.

Jane KELLY. Jane married Abraham Denton SHIPMAN.

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