Earl Jones Genealogy

Harry Walker SPIDLE-292878 was born on 12 Feb 1922 in Belmont, Alabama. He died on 23 May 1978 in Columbus, Georgia. Harry married (MRIN:96618) Viola Carr LANE-292877 in 1949 in Tampa, Florida.

Viola Carr LANE [Parents]-292877 was born on 21 Apr 1927 in , Claiborne, Tennessee. She died on 18 Mar 1992 in , , Georgia. Viola married (MRIN:96618) Harry Walker SPIDLE-292878 in 1949 in Tampa, Florida.

Charles A. WEST-292883 was born in Feb 1880 in , , Missouri. He died on 28 Dec 1948 in Littlefield, Lamb, Texas. Charles married (MRIN:96619) Mary Jane MC KAY-292882.

Mary Jane MC KAY [Parents]-292882 was born on 1 Oct 1884 in Midlothian, Ellis, Texas. She died on 15 Mar 1968 in Littlefield, Lamb, Texas. Mary married (MRIN:96619) Charles A. WEST-292883.

Luther Elmer SALSMAN [Parents]-92624 was born on 26 Jan 1892 in Mountain Grove, Wright, Missouri. He died on 4 Oct 1918 in Wellston, Lincoln, Oklahoma. Luther married (MRIN:96620) Eulah Bell HENSON-292885 on 22 Sep 1915 in Chandler, Lincoln, Oklahoma.

Eulah Bell HENSON-292885 was born on 24 Mar 1900 in Rogers, Benton, Arkansas. She died on 20 Feb 1989 in Edmong, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Eulah married (MRIN:96620) Luther Elmer SALSMAN-92624 on 22 Sep 1915 in Chandler, Lincoln, Oklahoma.

Adam Michael MEYER-292884 was born on 5 Jun 1891 in Buffalo, Erie, New York. He died on 27 Oct 1914. Adam married (MRIN:96621) Elizabeth Isabel CRAWFORD-144020 on 19 May 1914 in Harrison, Clare, Michigan.

Elizabeth Isabel CRAWFORD-144020 was born on 7 Aug 1896 in Clare, Clare, Michigan. She died in 1982 in , , Michigan. Elizabeth married (MRIN:96621) Adam Michael MEYER-292884 on 19 May 1914 in Harrison, Clare, Michigan.

Other marriages:
JONES, Dallis Dodge

John William JAMISON-292886 was born on 19 Oct 1838 in , Franklin, Virginia. He died on 5 Apr 1891. John married (MRIN:96622) Sarah Elizabeth SINK-249161 on 21 Jan 1857.

Sarah Elizabeth SINK [Parents]-249161 was born on 23 Oct 1838 in , Franklin, Virginia. She died on 13 Mar 1916 in Quinter, Gove, Kansas. She was buried in Quinter, Gove, Kansas. Sarah was sealed to her parents on 22 Oct 2003 in the Salt Lake Utah temple. She was baptized on 25 Apr 2003 in the Salt Lake Utah temple. She was endowed on 30 Apr 2003 in the Bountiful Utah temple. Sarah married (MRIN:96622) John William JAMISON-292886 on 21 Jan 1857.

Other marriages:
MILLS, Robert T.

John SINK [Parents]-249164 was born in 1840 in , Franklin, Virginia. John married (MRIN:96623) Mary Ann WADE-292887 on 30 Jan 1862.

Mary Ann WADE-292887 was born about 1842. Mary married (MRIN:96623) John SINK-249164 on 30 Jan 1862.

Albert A. "Bert" MILLS [Parents]-41305 was born on 3 Nov 1883 in , Lawrence, Missouri. He died on 21 Nov 1945 in Crocker, Pulaski, Missouri. He was buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Springfield, Greene, Missouri. Albert married (MRIN:96624) Leona A. SNOW-292889.

Other marriages:
SNOW, Lenora Belle


Leona A. SNOW-292889 was born on 29 Mar 1888 in , Greene, Missouri. She died on 9 Mar 1949 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri. She was buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Springfield, Greene, Missouri. Leona married (MRIN:96624) Albert A. "Bert" MILLS-41305.

They had the following children.

  M i
MILLS-292891 was born about 1905.

William H. CRIST-292890 was born about 1930. William married (MRIN:96626) Fraces Geraldine GARRETT-145104.

Fraces Geraldine GARRETT [Parents]-145104 was born on 4 Jan 1932 in , Putnam, Tennessee. She died on 3 Feb 1999 in Akron, Summit, Ohio. Fraces married (MRIN:96626) William H. CRIST-292890.

Julian Brewer TUTWILER-292893 was born on 4 Nov 1889 in Greensboro, Alabama. He died on 2 Feb 1934 in Baltimore, Maryland. Julian married (MRIN:96627) Ivey Lewis JONES-292892.

Ivey Lewis JONES [Parents]-292892 was born in 1895 in Greensboro, Alabama. She died in Aug 1946. Ivey married (MRIN:96627) Julian Brewer TUTWILER-292893.

William Willard WRIGHT-116408 was born on 29 May 1906 in Atmore, Escambia, Alabama. He died on 19 May 1992 in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama from Diabeties. William married (MRIN:96628) Helen Frances HILL-237306.

Other marriages:
HARDY, Mayme Laura

Helen Frances HILL-237306 was born in 1923. Helen married (MRIN:96628) William Willard WRIGHT-116408.

They had the following children.

  F i
Deborah Aren WRIGHT-292895 was born on 12 Jan 1950 in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama. She died on 24 Jul 1994 in Mobile, Mobile, Alabama.

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