Earl Jones Genealogy

MC CORD-289527 was born in 1861. MC CORD married (MRIN:95265) Ella Mae PITTS-169212.

Ella Mae PITTS [Parents]-169212 was born in 1861 in , Laurens, South Carolina. Ella was sealed to her parents on 26 Oct 2010 in the Houston Texas temple. She was baptized on 6 Feb 2010 in the Houston Texas temple. She was endowed on 18 May 2010 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple. Ella married (MRIN:95265) MC CORD-289527.

WILDER-289528 was born in 1863. WILDER married (MRIN:95266) Helen PITTS-169213.

Helen PITTS [Parents]-169213 was born in 1863 in , Laurens, South Carolina. Helen was sealed to her parents on 26 Oct 2010 in the Houston Texas temple. She was baptized on 6 Feb 2010 in the Houston Texas temple. She was endowed on 20 May 2010 in the Mesa Arizona temple. Helen married (MRIN:95266) WILDER-289528.

Robert E. FLOYD [Parents]-264760 was born on 12 Nov 1875. Robert married (MRIN:95267) Nola Gertrude WILCOXSON-289529.

Nola Gertrude WILCOXSON-289529 was born about 1877. Nola married (MRIN:95267) Robert E. FLOYD-264760.

They had the following children.

  M i
James FLOYD-289531 was born about 1898.
  M ii
Joe FLOYD-289532 was born about 1900.
  F iii Karleen FLOYD-289533 was born about 1902.
  F iv Martha FLOYD-289534 was born about 1905.
  M v
Lewis FLOYD-289535 was born about 1907.
  M vi
Jack FLOYD-289536 was born about 1910.
  M vii
Marshall FLOYD-289537 was born about 1913.
  F viii Kathlene FLOYD-289538 was born about 1917.
  F ix Louise FLOYD-289539 was born about 1920.
  F x Minnie Pearl FLOYD-289530 was born on 18 Jun 1924. She died on 2 Sep 2013.

WEST-289540. WEST married (MRIN:95268) Karleen FLOYD-289533.

Karleen FLOYD [Parents]-289533 was born about 1902. Karleen married (MRIN:95268) WEST-289540.

YOUNG-289541. YOUNG married (MRIN:95269) Martha FLOYD-289534.

Martha FLOYD [Parents]-289534 was born about 1905. Martha married (MRIN:95269) YOUNG-289541.

WILLIAMS-289542. WILLIAMS married (MRIN:95270) Kathlene FLOYD-289538.

Kathlene FLOYD [Parents]-289538 was born about 1917. Kathlene married (MRIN:95270) WILLIAMS-289542.

VARNER-289543. VARNER married (MRIN:95271) Louise FLOYD-289539.

Louise FLOYD [Parents]-289539 was born about 1920. Louise married (MRIN:95271) VARNER-289543.

Demory E. MULLINS-289544 was born about 1923. Demory married (MRIN:95272) Minnie Pearl FLOYD-289530.

Minnie Pearl FLOYD [Parents]-289530 was born on 18 Jun 1924 in Punkin Center, Oklahoma. She died on 2 Sep 2013 in Nursing Home in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma. She was buried in Vamoosa Cemetery, Vamoosa, Seminole, Oklahoma. Minnie married (MRIN:95272) Demory E. MULLINS-289544.

They had the following children.

  M i Michael MULLINS-289545.
  M ii Martin Lee MULLINS-289546.
  M iii Philip MULLINS-289547.
  F iv Pam MULLINS-289548.
  F v Patricia MULLINS-289549.
  M vi
Infant MULLINS-289550.

Michael MULLINS [Parents]-289545. Michael married (MRIN:95273) Carolyn-289551.

Carolyn-289551. Carolyn married (MRIN:95273) Michael MULLINS-289545.

Martin Lee MULLINS [Parents]-289546. Martin married (MRIN:95274) Lisa-289552.

Lisa-289552. Lisa married (MRIN:95274) Martin Lee MULLINS-289546.

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