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Earl Jones Genealogy

Terry JARED [Parents]-283672. Terry married (MRIN:93211) Linda-283673.

Linda-283673. Linda married (MRIN:93211) Terry JARED-283672.

Perry JARED [Parents]-283674. Perry married (MRIN:93212) Debbie-283675.

Debbie-283675. Debbie married (MRIN:93212) Perry JARED-283674.

Dave FELTON-283677. Dave married (MRIN:93213) Karen Sue JARED-283676.

Karen Sue JARED [Parents]-283676. Karen married (MRIN:93213) Dave FELTON-283677.

Lee JARED [Parents]-66038. Lee married (MRIN:93214) Ruth-283678.

Ruth-283678. Ruth married (MRIN:93214) Lee JARED-66038.

Homer Keith JARED [Parents]-66036 was born on 1 May 1924 in Swan Creek Twp, Warren, Illinois. He died on 23 Nov 1993 in Carbondale, Jackson, Illinois. Homer married (MRIN:93215) Eva Mae ATEN-283681 on 17 Dec 1949.

Other marriages:
GASKILL, Ruth Lorraine

Eva Mae ATEN [Parents]-283681 was born on 24 Jan 1923 in Roseville, Warren, Illinois. She died on 26 Dec 1950 in , Warren, Illinois. She was buried in Warren Memorial Park, Monmouth, Warren, Illinois. Eva married (MRIN:93215) Homer Keith JARED-66036 on 17 Dec 1949.

Other marriages:

[Marriage Notes]

Samuel Cornelius KUYKENDALL [Parents]-261032 was born on 18 May 1869 in , Bell, Texas. He died on 29 Nov 1922 in Prairie Dell, Bell, Texas. Samuel married (MRIN:93216) Minnie W. WHITELEY-283682 on 24 Nov 1889 in , Bell, Texas.

Minnie W. WHITELEY-283682 was born on 12 May 1874. She died on 16 Dec 1889. She was buried in Kuykendall Cemetery, , Bell, Texas. Minnie married (MRIN:93216) Samuel Cornelius KUYKENDALL-261032 on 24 Nov 1889 in , Bell, Texas.

John A. FICKES-283683. John married (MRIN:93217) E. S. Bessie ROGERS-283658.

E. S. Bessie ROGERS [Parents]-283658 was born in 1884 in , , Texas. E. S. Bessie ROGERS married (MRIN:93217) John A. FICKES-283683.

Joseph PATTERSON-181133 was born about 1755 in , , South Carolina. He died after 1810 in , Lawrens, South Carolina. Joseph married (MRIN:93218) Annie-283684.


Annie-283684 was born about 1757. Annie married (MRIN:93218) Joseph PATTERSON-181133.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth Jane THOMPSON-474 was born in 1771. She died on 22 Oct 1852.

James Hardy JACKSON [Parents]-283685 was born on 6 Jun 1890 in Denison, Grayson, Texas. He died on 17 Jul 1963 in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, California. James married (MRIN:93219) Roienna Jane OGLE-283686.

Roienna Jane OGLE-283686 was born on 27 Jan 1898 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. She died on 2 Feb 1972 in Orange, Orange, California. Roienna married (MRIN:93219) James Hardy JACKSON-283685.

They had the following children.

  F i Ella Louise JACKSON-283687 was born on 18 May 1932. She died on 30 Dec 1993.

James SETTLE-283688 died in , , Arizona. James married (MRIN:93220) Ella Louise JACKSON-283687.

Ella Louise JACKSON [Parents]-283687 was born on 18 May 1932 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. She died on 30 Dec 1993 in Orange, Orange, California. Ella married (MRIN:93220) James SETTLE-283688.

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