Earl Jones Genealogy

Warren Askew HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-173896 was born on 29 Jan 1923 in Siloam Springs, Benton, Arkansas. He died on 24 Jun 1977 in , Holmes, Florida. Warren married (MRIN:91476) Donna Jeanne THIELE-278520.

Donna Jeanne THIELE-278520 was born on 8 Apr 1926 in Denton, Texas. She died on 6 Oct 1999 in Electra, Wichita, Texas. Donna married (MRIN:91476) Warren Askew HOLLINGSWORTH-173896.

They had the following children.

  M i

Luke KUYKENDALL "II" [Parents]-50692 was born on 21 Apr 1847 in , , West Virginia. He died on 22 Jun 1902 in North Yamhill, Yanhill, Oregon. He was buried in Yamhill Cemetery, Near Pike, Yamhill, Oregon. Luke was sealed to his parents on 24 Apr 2013 in the Mount Timpanogos Utah temple. He was baptized on 1 Dec 1941 in the Salt Lake Utah temple. He was endowed on 3 Mar 1942 in the Salt Lake Utah temple. Luke married (MRIN:91477) Mary Ann Catherine BRANT-48994 in 7 O ct 1974 in , Clark, Washington.


Mary Ann Catherine BRANT-48994 was born on 18 Feb 1856 in , , Washington Territory. Mary married (MRIN:91477) Luke KUYKENDALL "II"-50692 in 7 O ct 1974 in , Clark, Washington.

They had the following children.

  M i
Joseph Arthur KUYKENDALL-50720 was born about 1873.[Notes]
  M ii
Searl KUYKENDALL-50721 was born about 1875.
  M iii
Luke KUYKENDALL "III"-50722 was born in 1877.[Notes]
  F iv KUYKENDALL-50723 was born about 1879.

Russell F. HOUSTON [Parents]-72191 was born on 6 Jun 1880 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. He died on 19 Aug 1948 in , Jefferson, Kentucky. Russell married (MRIN:91478) Flora Pendleton HARRIS-278529 in Dec 1898.

Other marriages:

Flora Pendleton HARRIS-278529 was born in Sep 1877 in Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. She died on 1 Sep 1942 in , Jefferson, Kentucky. Flora married (MRIN:91478) Russell F. HOUSTON-72191 in Dec 1898.

Allen Polk HOUSTON "Jr" [Parents]-72193 was born on 4 Jul 1887 in , Jefferson, Kentucky. He died in Mar 1964 in , , Illinois. Allen married (MRIN:91479) Florence K.-278531.

Florence K.-278531 was born about 1893 in , , Illinois. Florence married (MRIN:91479) Allen Polk HOUSTON "Jr"-72193.

Andrew Clifford FREEMAN "Jr" [Parents]-47509 was born on 5 Feb 1913 in Cameron, Milam, Texas. He died on 29 Oct 1989 in Garland, Dallas, Texas. Andrew married (MRIN:91480) Aline FREEMAN-278532.

Aline FREEMAN-278532 was born on 10 Mar 1917 in , , Texas. She died on 7 May 2002 in Garland, Dallas, Texas. Aline married (MRIN:91480) Andrew Clifford FREEMAN "Jr"-47509.

Thomas Reavis BRAME [Parents]-67298 was born in 1797 in , Granville, North Carolina. He died in 1848. Thomas married (MRIN:91481) Almeda J. W. KEARNEY-278533.

Almeda J. W. KEARNEY-278533 was born in 1819 in , Granville, North Carolina. She died in , , North Carolina. Almeda married (MRIN:91481) Thomas Reavis BRAME-67298.

William Lane BRAME [Parents]-67527 was born on 21 Sep 1826 in , Granville, North Carolina. He died on 19 Mar 1882 in , Granville, North Carolina. William married (MRIN:91482) Sarah Emily HOLMES-278534.


Sarah Emily HOLMES-278534 was born about 1835 in , Granville, North Carolina. Sarah married (MRIN:91482) William Lane BRAME-67527.

James William ARMSTRONG [Parents]-32799 was born on 23 Jul 1873 in , Hill, Texas. He died on 24 Feb 1945 in , Hill, Texas. James married (MRIN:91483) Martha LEWIS-278537 on 4 Sep 1897 in , Hill, Texas.

Martha LEWIS-278537 was born about 1876 in , , Texas. Martha married (MRIN:91483) James William ARMSTRONG-32799 on 4 Sep 1897 in , Hill, Texas.

John Albert ARMSTRONG [Parents]-32800 was born on 1 Oct 1875 in , Hill, Texas. He died on 21 May 1909 in , Hill, Texas. John married (MRIN:91484) Lela PEDEN-278538 on 14 Nov 1899 in , Hill, Texas.

Lela PEDEN-278538. Lela married (MRIN:91484) John Albert ARMSTRONG-32800 on 14 Nov 1899 in , Hill, Texas.

Chase Edward ARMSTRONG [Parents]-32801 was born on 26 Mar 1878 in , McLennan, Texas. He died in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas. Chase married (MRIN:91485) Ethel CARTER-278539 on 29 Jun 1901 in , McLennan, Texas.

Ethel CARTER-278539 was born about 1886 in , , Missouri. Ethel married (MRIN:91485) Chase Edward ARMSTRONG-32801 on 29 Jun 1901 in , McLennan, Texas.

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