Earl Jones Genealogy

Robert L. YOUNG-24137 was born about 1920. Robert married (MRIN:8926) Martha Ann HOLLINGSWORTH-24136.

Martha Ann HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-24136 was born on 1 Jun 1924 in Augusta, Richmond, Georgia. She died on 1 Jul 2005. Martha married (MRIN:8926) Robert L. YOUNG-24137.


They had the following children.

  F i K. H. YOUNG-72118 was born about 1943.

Joseph Lemuel MURPHY-24140 was born on 18 Mar 1902 in Anniston, Calhoun, Alabama. He died on 20 Aug 1963 in Griffin, Spalding, Georgia. Joseph married (MRIN:8927) Mary Frances DODSON-24139 on 12 Jun 1926.

Mary Frances DODSON [Parents]-24139 was born on 2 Oct 1906 in Forest Park, Clayton, Georgia. She died on 9 Jul 1980 in Lovejoy, Georgia. Mary married (MRIN:8927) Joseph Lemuel MURPHY-24140 on 12 Jun 1926.

Lemuel West BARROW [Parents]-39109 was born on 2 Dec 1858 in , Lamar, Alabama. He died on 22 Jan 1936. Lemuel married (MRIN:8928) Julia F. COX-19613 on 14 Oct 1877.

Other marriages:
HUCKABY, Louise L.

Julia F. COX-19613. Julia married (MRIN:8928) Lemuel West BARROW-39109 on 14 Oct 1877.

They had the following children.

  F i Sarah D. BARROW-27092 was born in Jul 1878.
  F ii
Ida E. BARROW-40023 was born in Dec 1879 in , Lamar, Alabama.
  F iii Ada BARROW-40022 was born in Aug 1886.
  M iv James Grover BARROW-27511 was born on 8 Jul 1893.
  F v Mary Carolyn BARROW-40021 was born on 6 Mar 1896.

Asa Newton BARROW [Parents]-39482 was born on 4 Oct 1876 in Shelby, Shelby, Alabama. Asa married (MRIN:8929) Callie UNKNOWN-10778.

Callie UNKNOWN-10778 was born in 1881 in , , Tennessee. Callie married (MRIN:8929) Asa Newton BARROW-39482.

They had the following children.

  F i
Maude BARROW-14010 was born in 1908 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.
  F ii
Mandie BARROW-238272 was born about 1910 in , , Oklahoma.
  M iii
Johnny BARROW-14011 was born in 1911 in , , Oklahoma.

Stephen A. ALBRO-41524. Stephen married (MRIN:8930) Dora HOLLINGSWORTH-41523.

Dora HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-41523 was born in 1867. She died in 1953 in , , Nebraska. Dora married (MRIN:8930) Stephen A. ALBRO-41524.


They had the following children.

  M i
Frank ALBRO-179860.
  F ii
Hazel Eudora ALBRO-186712.

Julian A. AKRIDGE-24159. Julian married (MRIN:8931) C. SMITH-24158.

C. SMITH [Parents]-24158. C. SMITH married (MRIN:8931) Julian A. AKRIDGE-24159.

Tom TORREY-24166. Tom married (MRIN:8932) K. WHITE-24165.

K. WHITE [Parents]-24165. K. WHITE married (MRIN:8932) Tom TORREY-24166.

Aaron Clifford YOUNG "Jr" [Parents]-24169 was born on 1 Jul 1908 in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia. Aaron married (MRIN:8933) Betty Ruth CLAY-24170.

Betty Ruth CLAY-24170. Betty married (MRIN:8933) Aaron Clifford YOUNG "Jr"-24169.

James Otis BOHANAN "II" [Parents]-24175. James married (MRIN:8934) Jane MORRIS-24176.

Jane MORRIS-24176. Jane married (MRIN:8934) James Otis BOHANAN "II"-24175.

Phelps EVANS-24180. Phelps married (MRIN:8935) A. S. BOHANAN-24179.

A. S. BOHANAN [Parents]-24179 was born about 1925. A. S. BOHANAN married (MRIN:8935) Phelps EVANS-24180.

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