Earl Jones Genealogy

James LANTIS-23469. James married (MRIN:8706) Virginia BROWDER-23468.

Virginia BROWDER [Parents]-23468 was born on 15 May 1919. Virginia married (MRIN:8706) James LANTIS-23469.

Robert Lee BEASLEY [Parents]-23489 was born on 31 Aug 1916 in , Duplin, North Carolina. He died on 31 Mar 1982 in , Duplin, North Carolina. He was buried in Wilmington National Cemetery, Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina. Robert was sealed to his parents on 3 Mar 2010 in the Washington D.C. temple. He was baptized on 1 Jul 2009 in the Washington D.C. temple. He was endowed on 19 Nov 2009 in the Washington D.C. temple. Robert married (MRIN:8707) Mary BOSTIC-23490.

Mary BOSTIC-23490 died in , , North Carolina. She was buried in Clay Hill Cem, Rose Hill, North Carolina. Mary married (MRIN:8707) Robert Lee BEASLEY-23489.

I. B. JOHNSON-23497. I. B. JOHNSON married (MRIN:8708) Louise GRESHAM-23496.

Louise GRESHAM [Parents]-23496. Louise married (MRIN:8708) I. B. JOHNSON-23497.

WILSON-23502. WILSON married (MRIN:8709) Alice ROUSE-23501.

Alice ROUSE [Parents]-23501. Alice married (MRIN:8709) WILSON-23502.

JERNIGAN-23504. JERNIGAN married (MRIN:8710) Reba ROUSE-23503.

Reba ROUSE [Parents]-23503. Reba married (MRIN:8710) JERNIGAN-23504.

HURTUBISE-23527. HURTUBISE married (MRIN:8711) Frances Doyle HOLLINGSWORTH-23526.

Frances Doyle HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-23526 was born on 14 Jan 1921 in , Norfolk, Virginia. She died on 13 Dec 2002 in St. Augustine, St. Johns, Florida. Frances married (MRIN:8711) HURTUBISE-23527.

MOORE-23538. MOORE married (MRIN:8712) Mary MIDDLETON-23537.

Mary MIDDLETON [Parents]-23537 was born about 1920 in , Duplin, North Carolina. Mary married (MRIN:8712) MOORE-23538.

Thurman Perry TEACHY [Parents]-23541 was born on 23 Dec 1906. He died on 17 Jun 1970. Thurman married (MRIN:8713) Eloise BLANKS-23542 on 20 Dec 1927.

Eloise BLANKS-23542. Eloise married (MRIN:8713) Thurman Perry TEACHY-23541 on 20 Dec 1927.

Grover Wilson BOWEN-23560. Grover married (MRIN:8714) Nettie Marie BROOKS-23559.

Nettie Marie BROOKS [Parents]-23559 was born on 28 May 1921 in , , Florida. She died on 27 Oct 1998 in Other, Macon, North Carolina. Nettie married (MRIN:8714) Grover Wilson BOWEN-23560.

Ray Vernon SIMMONS [Parents]-23566 was born on 4 Oct 1921 in Okeechobee, Florida. He died on 3 Apr 1991 in Clute, Brazoria, Texas. Ray married (MRIN:8715) Barbara UNKNOWN-23567.

Barbara UNKNOWN-23567. Barbara married (MRIN:8715) Ray Vernon SIMMONS-23566.

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