Earl Jones Genealogy

Emmett Kenley THOMPSON-263188 was born on 4 Jul 1882 in , Tazewell, Virginia. He died on 14 Mar 1950 in Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia. Emmett married (MRIN:86341) Flora Lou NOE-263183.

Flora Lou NOE [Parents]-263183 was born on 2 Apr 1898. She died in Aug 1969 in Princeton, Mercer, West Virginia. Flora married (MRIN:86341) Emmett Kenley THOMPSON-263188.

Daniel NOE [Parents]-263429 was born on 15 Aug 1880 in , , Ohio. He died on 21 Jun 1964 in , Putnam, Ohio. Daniel married (MRIN:86342) Mary HAZELTON-263196 in 1908.

Mary HAZELTON-263196 was born in Jan 1887 in , , Ohio. She died on 8 Feb 1973 in , Defiance, Ohio. Mary married (MRIN:86342) Daniel NOE-263429 in 1908.

They had the following children.

  M i
Galen Daniel NOE-263195 was born on 17 Sep 1916 in Continental, Putnam, Ohio. He died on 8 Dec 2007 in Defiance, Defiance, Ohio.

Reuben Franklin NOE [Parents]-263194 was born on 19 Jun 1886 in , , Tennessee. He died in Jul 1966 in Morristown, Hamblen, Tennessee. Reuben married (MRIN:86343) Nicie Mae HOLLER-263197 on 16 Apr 1916.

Nicie Mae HOLLER-263197 was born on 8 Dec 1900 in Morristown, Hamblen, Tennessee. Nicie married (MRIN:86343) Reuben Franklin NOE-263194 on 16 Apr 1916.

Robert Louis NOE [Parents]-263207 was born on 5 Jul 1929 in Denver, Denver, Colorado. He died on 22 Jun 2000 in Absarokee, Stillwater, Montana. Robert married (MRIN:86344) Laura Jeanne WOODWARD-263208 on 30 Dec 1955 in Congregatioal Church, Columbus, Montana.

Laura Jeanne WOODWARD-263208 was born on 18 Nov 1932 in Hardin, Big Horn, Montana. She died on 12 Mar 2006 in Absarokee, Stillwater, Montana. Laura married (MRIN:86344) Robert Louis NOE-263207 on 30 Dec 1955 in Congregatioal Church, Columbus, Montana.

Joseph Emanuel MUTCHLER-263209 was born on 5 May 1902 in , , North Dakota. He died on 26 Jun 1937. Joseph married (MRIN:86345) Alice NOE-263202 on 10 Jun 1936.

Alice NOE [Parents]-263202 was born on 9 Oct 1902 in , Gonzales, Texas. She died on 14 Jul 1986 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana. Alice married (MRIN:86345) Joseph Emanuel MUTCHLER-263209 on 10 Jun 1936.

Henry McIntosh "Pete" PETERS-263210 was born on 9 Sep 1901 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana. He died in Feb 1979 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. Henry married (MRIN:86346) Gladys NOE-263201 on 3 Jun 1923.

Gladys NOE [Parents]-263201 was born on 1 Oct 1904 in Miles City, Custer, Montana. She died on 14 Apr 1988 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana. Gladys married (MRIN:86346) Henry McIntosh "Pete" PETERS-263210 on 3 Jun 1923.

They had the following children.

  M i
Arthur Melvin PETERS-263211 was born on 8 Mar 1933 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana. He died on 24 Oct 1944 in Near Boulder, Colorado from Auto Accident.

Joseph William MALEK "Sr"-263212 was born on 20 Aug 1905 in Vescehaza, Timis, Romania. He died on 20 Aug 1983 in Stillwater, Montana. Joseph married (MRIN:86347) Mabel S. NOE-263200.

Mabel S. NOE [Parents]-263200 was born on 26 Dec 1905 in Forsyth, Rosebud, Montana. She died on 16 Jul 1995 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana. Mabel married (MRIN:86347) Joseph William MALEK "Sr"-263212.

George Willard NOE [Parents]-263204 was born on 22 Feb 1912 in Howard School District, Rosebud, Montana. He died in 1 ug 1999 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. George married (MRIN:86348) Miriam BAKER-263213 on 16 Sep 1933 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana.

Miriam BAKER-263213 was born on 21 Sep 1913 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana. She died on 15 Jul 1998 in Riverside, Riverside, California. Miriam married (MRIN:86348) George Willard NOE-263204 on 16 Sep 1933 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana.

Joseph NOE [Parents]-73252 was born in 1822 in , Grainger, Tennessee. He died on 17 Apr 1864 in Lookout Point, Maryland. Joseph married (MRIN:86349) Tillitha-263216.

Other marriages:
SANDERS, Nancy Ann


Tillitha-263216 was born about 1824 in , , Tennessee. Tillitha married (MRIN:86349) Joseph NOE-73252.

They had the following children.

  M i
Clint NOE-263217 was born about 1860 in , , Tennessee.
  F ii
Miranda NOE-263218 was born about 1864 in , , Tennessee.
  M iii
Joseph G. NOE-263219 was born about 1866 in , , Tennessee.
  F iv
Katie NOE-263220 was born about 1868 in , , Tennessee.

Nicholas Nathaniel NOE [Parents]-72793 was born on 12 Dec 1812 in Morristown, Hamblen, Tennessee. He died on 7 Jan 1872 in , Grainger, Tennessee. Nicholas married (MRIN:86350) Fetna SPOONE-73288 in , , Tennessee.

Other marriages:
MC DANIEL, Elizabeth
COCKRUM, Catherine
, Mary

Fetna SPOONE-73288 was born in 1811 in , , Tennessee. She died in 1860 in Macedonia, Grainger, Tennessee. She was buried in Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Grainger, Tennessee. Fetna married (MRIN:86350) Nicholas Nathaniel NOE-72793 in , , Tennessee.

Other marriages:
NOE, Daniel J.

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