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Paul Eugene STANTON "Sr" [Parents] was born on 15 Sep 1915. Paul married Mary Ruth PILLARD on 15 Jun 1936.

Mary Ruth PILLARD was born on 19 Oct 1919. Mary married Paul Eugene STANTON "Sr" on 15 Jun 1936.

They had the following children.

  M i
Paul Eugne STANTON "Jr" was born on 28 Dec 1944.
  M ii
Wilber Warren STANTON was born on 12 Feb 1948.

Ervin PERRY was born about 1920 in , , New Hampshire. Ervin married Dorothy Mildred STANTON on 6 Aug 1944.

Dorothy Mildred STANTON [Parents] was born on 7 Feb 1925 in , , Georgia. Dorothy married Ervin PERRY on 6 Aug 1944.

They had the following children.

  F i

H. E. BUFFINGTON. H. E. BUFFINGTON married Pauline OGLETREE on 9 Feb 1938.

Pauline OGLETREE [Parents] was born on 29 Aug 1914. Pauline married H. E. BUFFINGTON on 9 Feb 1938.

Charles Ernest STANTON [Parents] was born on 16 Jan 1906. Charles married Minnie Lou WING on 6 Aug 1928.


Minnie Lou WING. Minnie married Charles Ernest STANTON on 6 Aug 1928.

Percy W. PIERCE. Percy married Katherine Elizabeth STANTON on 18 Nov 1956.

Katherine Elizabeth STANTON [Parents] was born on 22 Feb 1910. Katherine married Percy W. PIERCE on 18 Nov 1956.


William James STANTON [Parents] was born on 14 Jun 1915. William married Ruth CASH in May 1934.


Ruth CASH. Ruth married William James STANTON in May 1934.

They had the following children.

  F i
Dorothy Ruth STANTON was born on 19 Apr 1936.
  M ii
James Clifford STANTON was born on 28 Apr 1938.
  F iii
Betty Louise STANTON was born on 16 Jun 1939.
  M iv
Ernest Larmar STANTON was born on 9 Dec 1940.
  F v
Glenda Kay STANTON was born on 22 Jan 1942.
  M vi
Charles STANTON was born on 4 Sep 1948.
  F vii
Sandra STANTON was born on 13 Nov 1954.
  F viii
Wanda STANTON was born on 22 Mar 1956.
  M ix
Michael STANTON was born on 1 Nov 1960.

Rosco Elmer STANTON [Parents] was born on 27 Sep 1917. Rosco married Louise MARQUS in Jan 1948.

Louise MARQUS. Louise married Rosco Elmer STANTON in Jan 1948.

They had the following children.

  F i
Debbie Louise STANTON was born on 22 Jan 1953.

Edward BAKER. Edward married Dorothy Estelle STANTON on 12 Jul 1946.

Dorothy Estelle STANTON [Parents] was born on 5 Jan 1924. Dorothy married Edward BAKER on 12 Jul 1946.

They had the following children.

  F i
Mary Kathie BAKER was born on 16 Oct 1952.
  M ii
Larry Edward BAKER was born on 7 May 1954.
  M iii
David Eugene BAKER was born on 22 Apr 1956.

John Ivan GOULDING. John married Katherine Ruth SHUGART on 25 Sep 1926.

Katherine Ruth SHUGART [Parents] was born on 19 Oct 1907 in , , Georgia. Katherine married John Ivan GOULDING on 25 Sep 1926.

They had the following children.

  F i Charlotte Ann GOULDING was born on 4 Apr 1925.

Thomas Augustus CHAPMAN was born on 12 May 1915 in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia. He died on 14 May 2003 in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia. Thomas married Edna Elizabeth SHUGART on 30 Aug 1936.

Edna Elizabeth SHUGART [Parents] was born on 17 Dec 1911. Edna married Thomas Augustus CHAPMAN on 30 Aug 1936.


They had the following children.

  F i Carol Sue CHAPMAN was born on 30 Mar 1938.

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