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William Eugene FLINN. William married Aleta COMBS.

Aleta COMBS. Aleta married William Eugene FLINN.

They had the following children.

  F i Josephine Lenore FLINN was born on 7 Sep 1909. She died on 18 Jan 1969.

Jesse Abraham STARK. Jesse married Sarah Susan BATES.

Sarah Susan BATES. Sarah married Jesse Abraham STARK.

They had the following children.

  F i Candace STARK was born on 16 Jan 1828. She died on 30 Nov 1893.

Robert B. SPENCER. Robert married Minnie Pearl KUYKENDALL.

Minnie Pearl KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 11 Jan 1873 in Ft. Simcoe, Yakima, Washington. She died on 12 Mar 1941 in Pullman, Whitman, Washington. Minnie married Robert B. SPENCER.

Maxwell Leon SCHOOLNIK died on 1 Apr 1991. Maxwell married Jean Lucille KUYKENDALL.

Jean Lucille KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 23 Jun 1912 in Pomeroy, Garfield, Washington. She died on 20 Dec 1990. Jean married Maxwell Leon SCHOOLNIK.

Benjamin BUTLER was born about 1822. Benjamin married Lydia BEARD.

Lydia BEARD. Lydia married Benjamin BUTLER.

They had the following children.

  F i Eliza Jane BUTLER was born in May 1848. She died about Dec 1924.

John Wesley KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 12 Aug 1844 in , , Indiana. He died on 17 Aug 1904 in , , California. John married Jane FARRIS.

Other marriages:
PIERCE, Marilla Persis

Jane FARRIS was born about 1848. She died about 1876 in , , Washington. Jane married John Wesley KUYKENDALL.

C. D. MURPHY. C. D. MURPHY married Olive Malinda KUYKENDALL.

Olive Malinda KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born in Sep 1882 in , , California. Olive married C. D. MURPHY.

Edward Leland WILSON was born in 1888 in , , California. Edward married May Lillian KUYKENDALL.

May Lillian KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 9 Jun 1892 in , , California. May married Edward Leland WILSON.

Andrew Halsey SULLIVAN was born on 6 Sep 1895 in Everett, Snohomish, Washington. He died on 9 Apr 1972. Andrew married Grace Willis KUYKENDALL.

Grace Willis KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born in Mar 1896 in , , California. Grace married Andrew Halsey SULLIVAN.

Henry Clay KUYKENDALL [Parents] was born on 30 Sep 1856 in Wilbur, Douglas, Oregon. He died on 4 Aug 1913 in Stockton, San Joaquin, Californai. Henry married Nettie THRUSH.

Nettie THRUSH was born on 28 Apr 1854 in Lodi, San Joaquin, California. Nettie married Henry Clay KUYKENDALL.

They had the following children.

  M i Ernest L. KUYKENDALL was born on 2 Jan 1882. He died on 28 Oct 1963.
  F ii Pearl KUYKENDALL was born on 6 Feb 1885.
  M iii Carl Don KUYKENDALL was born on 22 Jul 1892. He died on 29 Feb 1992.
  F iv
Ora KUYKENDALL was born on 8 May 1894 in Oleta, , California.

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