Earl Jones Genealogy

Dewitt Clinton RUSSELL [Parents]-20685 was born on 7 Sep 1828 in Simpsonville, Shelby, Kentucky. He died on 18 Apr 1903 in Troy, Lincoln, Missouri. Dewitt married (MRIN:7835) Sarah Catherine ELLIS-20686 on 5 Jun 1855.

Sarah Catherine ELLIS-20686 was born on 2 Dec 1835 in Simpsonville, Shelby, Kentucky. She died on 4 Sep 1873 in , St. Charles, Missouri. Sarah married (MRIN:7835) Dewitt Clinton RUSSELL-20685 on 5 Jun 1855.

They had the following children.

  M i William Henry Hall RUSSELL-20782 was born on 28 Sep 1856. He died on 11 Oct 1938.
  M ii
Charles Smith RUSSELL-20784 was born on 12 Oct 1858. He died on 21 Sep 1859 in Died Young.
  M iii Ira Leon RUSSELL-20785 was born on 14 Apr 1860.
  F iv Elizabeth Quarles RUSSELL-20787 was born on 24 Dec 1861. She died on 30 Jul 1947.
  F v
Florence Hughes RUSSELL-20789 was born on 14 May 1864. She died on 17 May 1865 in Died Young.
  F vi
Annie Smith RUSSELL-20790 was born on 3 Nov 1865. She died on 2 Oct 1868 in Died Young.
  F vii Nellie RUSSELL-20791 was born on 9 Nov 1869. She died after 1918.
  M viii
Ernest Norton RUSSELL-20793 was born on 29 Nov 1872. He died on 18 Jul 1873 in Died Young.

James HUGHES-20688 was born in Simpsonville, Shelby, Kentucky. James married (MRIN:7836) Patsy Storr RUSSELL #2-20687 on 9 Nov 1858.

Patsy Storr RUSSELL #2 [Parents]-20687 was born on 14 Oct 1831. Patsy married (MRIN:7836) James HUGHES-20688 on 9 Nov 1858.

James Randolph YOUNG [Parents]-20690 was born on 4 Nov 1836. James married (MRIN:7837) Alice M. SHORES-20691 on 10 Oct 1867.

Alice M. SHORES-20691. Alice married (MRIN:7837) James Randolph YOUNG-20690 on 10 Oct 1867.

They had the following children.

  M i
William Henry YOUNG-20699 was born on 11 Feb 1869. He died on 30 Sep 1870 in Died Young.
  F ii Annie L. YOUNG-20700.
  M iii Eugene Randolph YOUNG-20702.
  F iv
Inez YOUNG-20704 was born on 13 Jul 1881. She died on 20 Apr 1884 in Died Young.
  M v T. Harold R. YOUNG-20705.

Richard Samuel YOUNG [Parents]-20692 was born on 7 Oct 1838. He died on 14 Sep 1897. Richard married (MRIN:7838) Mary E. MC HANEY-20693 on 1 Nov 1869.

Mary E. MC HANEY-20693. Mary married (MRIN:7838) Richard Samuel YOUNG-20692 on 1 Nov 1869.

They had the following children.

  M i William Randolph YOUNG-20707.
  F ii Annie Cornelia YOUNG-20709.
  M iii Jas. McHarvey YOUNG-20711.
  F iv Louisiana Smith YOUNG-20713.
YOUNG-20715 died in Died In Infancy.
YOUNG-20716 died in Died In Infancy.

Elbert E. HICKOK-20696 was born in 1840 in , New York. He died on 18 Mar 1905 in , St. Louis, Missouri. He was buried in Troy City Cemetery, Troy, Lincoln, Missouri. Elbert married (MRIN:7839) Ariana Belle YOUNG-20695 on 3 Nov 1869 in Troy, Lincoln, Missouri.

Ariana Belle YOUNG [Parents]-20695 was born on 7 Jul 1849 in Troy, Lincoln, Missouri. She died on 26 Sep 1922 in Denver, Colorado. Ariana married (MRIN:7839) Elbert E. HICKOK-20696 on 3 Nov 1869 in Troy, Lincoln, Missouri.

They had the following children.

  M i Howard Russell HICKOK-20717 was born in Nov 1870. He died on 7 Jul 1926.
  F ii Almina Young "Alma" HICKOK-20719 was born in Mar 1872. She died on 16 Nov 1952.
  M iii
Elbert Eugene HICKOK-20721 was born on 21 Aug 1875.
  F iv Elizabeth McLellan HICKOK-20722.
  M v
Clyde Vernon HICKOK-20724 was born on 25 Oct 1885. He died on 16 Sep 1890 in Died Young.

D. Marcus MC LELLAN-20698. D. Marcus MC LELLAN married (MRIN:7840) Susan F. E. YOUNG-20697 on 19 Dec 1872.

Susan F. E. YOUNG [Parents]-20697 was born on 24 Jul 1855. She died after 1918. Susan married (MRIN:7840) D. Marcus MC LELLAN-20698 on 19 Dec 1872.

They had the following children.

  M i
William Russell MC LELLAN-20725 was born on 7 Jul 1874.
  M ii
Elbert Eugene MC LELLAN-20726 was born on 29 Dec 1880.
  M iii Richard Young MC LELLAN-20727.

James M. BROOKS-20701 was born in of Camden, , Arkansas. James married (MRIN:7841) Annie L. YOUNG-20700.

Annie L. YOUNG [Parents]-20700. Annie married (MRIN:7841) James M. BROOKS-20701.

Eugene Randolph YOUNG [Parents]-20702. Eugene married (MRIN:7842) Virginia BEATTY-20703.

Virginia BEATTY-20703. Virginia married (MRIN:7842) Eugene Randolph YOUNG-20702.

T. Harold R. YOUNG [Parents]-20705. T. Harold R. YOUNG married (MRIN:7843) Agnes Donaldson WILLIAMS-20706.

Agnes Donaldson WILLIAMS-20706. Agnes married (MRIN:7843) T. Harold R. YOUNG-20705.

William Randolph YOUNG [Parents]-20707. William married (MRIN:7844) Mildred A. ELLIS-20708.

Mildred A. ELLIS-20708 was born in Troy, Lincoln, Missouri. Mildred married (MRIN:7844) William Randolph YOUNG-20707.

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