Earl Jones Genealogy

Richard FRETWELL [Parents]-233380 was born on 24 Dec 1751 in , , Virginia. He died in 1843 in , Newton, Georgia. Richard married (MRIN:76112) Mary WITHERSPOON-233396.

Other marriages:
HARRIS, Frances

Mary WITHERSPOON-233396 was born in 1760. She died on 20 Oct 1831. Mary married (MRIN:76112) Richard FRETWELL-233380.

Raine-233398. Raine married (MRIN:76113) Nancy FRETWELL-233397.

Nancy FRETWELL [Parents]-233397 was born about 1744 in , , Virginia. Nancy married (MRIN:76113) Raine-233398.

William BYROM-233401. William married (MRIN:76114) Mary Ann FRETWELL-233376.

Mary Ann FRETWELL [Parents]-233376 was born in 1740 in , , Virginia. She died in 1808 in Hillsboro, Jasper, Georgia. Mary married (MRIN:76114) William BYROM-233401.

Henry BOHANAN-233402 was born before 1740. He died in 1808. Henry married (MRIN:76115) Susanna FRETWELL-233377.

Susanna FRETWELL [Parents]-233377 was born in 1740 in , Culpepper, Virginia. She died in 1786 in , Pittsylvania, Virginia. Susanna married (MRIN:76115) Henry BOHANAN-233402.

Joseph FRETWELL [Parents]-233375 was born on 16 Feb 1738 in , Cumberland, Virginia. He died in 1786.

He had the following children.

  M i John FRETWELL-233403 was born about 1777.

John FRETWELL [Parents]-233403 was born about 1777.

He had the following children.

  M i Bry FRETWELL-233404.

Bry FRETWELL [Parents]-233404.

He had the following children.

  M i Kennon FRETWELL-233405.

Kennon FRETWELL [Parents]-233405.

He had the following children.

  M i James FRETWELL-233406 was born in 1887.

James FRETWELL [Parents]-233406 was born in 1887. James married (MRIN:76120) Lois-233407.

Lois-233407. Lois married (MRIN:76120) James FRETWELL-233406.

John Leonard THRASHER [Parents]-233311 was born on 14 Jan 1850 in Midway, Lewis, Missouri. He died on 14 May 1937 in Midway, Lewis, Missouri. John married (MRIN:76121) Lucretia-233408 in 1873 in , Lewis, Missouri.

Lucretia-233408 was born in Jul 1857 in , , Missouri. She died in 1939. Lucretia married (MRIN:76121) John Leonard THRASHER-233311 in 1873 in , Lewis, Missouri.

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