Earl Jones Genealogy

Greg BECKER-232282. Greg married (MRIN:75828) Barbara June WEEKS-232281 on 17 Jul 1877 in Medicine Lodge, , Kansas.

Barbara June WEEKS [Parents]-232281 was born on 16 Jan 1954 in Fairview, Beaver, Oklahoma. She died on 22 Oct 2010 in Medicine Lodge, , Kansas. She was buried in Cremated. Barbara married (MRIN:75828) Greg BECKER-232282 on 17 Jul 1877 in Medicine Lodge, , Kansas.

They had the following children.

  F i Kendra BECKER-232283.
  M ii Lester BECKER-232285.

Jacky KULP-232284. Jacky married (MRIN:75829) Kendra BECKER-232283.

Kendra BECKER [Parents]-232283. Kendra married (MRIN:75829) Jacky KULP-232284.

Lester BECKER [Parents]-232285. Lester married (MRIN:75830) Thelma FOX-232286.

Thelma FOX-232286. Thelma married (MRIN:75830) Lester BECKER-232285.

J. R WEEKS [Parents]-232287. J. R WEEKS married (MRIN:75831) Betty-232288.

Betty-232288. Betty married (MRIN:75831) J. R WEEKS-232287.

Terry WEEKS [Parents]-232289. Terry married (MRIN:75832) Sheri-232290.

Sheri-232290. Sheri married (MRIN:75832) Terry WEEKS-232289.

Tommy COYLE-232292. Tommy married (MRIN:75833) Carol WEEKS-232291.

Carol WEEKS [Parents]-232291. Carol married (MRIN:75833) Tommy COYLE-232292.

Robert STRACK-232294. Robert married (MRIN:75834) Letha WEEKS-232293.

Letha WEEKS [Parents]-232293. Letha married (MRIN:75834) Robert STRACK-232294.

Tom DOHERTY-232296. Tom married (MRIN:75835) Kathy WEEKS-232295.

Kathy WEEKS [Parents]-232295. Kathy married (MRIN:75835) Tom DOHERTY-232296.

Rola CRAVIN-232298. Rola married (MRIN:75836) Debbie WEEKS-232297.

Debbie WEEKS [Parents]-232297. Debbie married (MRIN:75836) Rola CRAVIN-232298.

Elmer Leroy CLEMENTS [Parents]-231881 was born on 25 Jun 1902 in Homestead Dugout, W. Fairview, Major, Oklahoma. He died on 19 Jun 1976 in Wilder, Canyon, Idaho. Elmer was sealed to his parents on 18 Aug 1993 in the Ogden Utah temple. He was baptized on 16 Feb 1993 in the Ogden Utah temple. He was endowed on 22 Jun 1993 in the Ogden Utah temple. Elmer married (MRIN:75837) Myrtle Inez WALKER-232299 on 7 Nov 1951.

Other marriages:
JORDAN, Mabel Mary

Myrtle Inez WALKER-232299 was born in 1907. Myrtle married (MRIN:75837) Elmer Leroy CLEMENTS-231881 on 7 Nov 1951.

They had the following children.

  F i
Lois Louise CLEMENTS-232300 was born on 25 Nov 1954. She died on 2 May 2009. She was buried on 25 Jun 2009 in Wilder Cemetery, Rt. 2, Wilder, Idaho.[Notes]
  F ii
Mary Kirstine CLEMENTS-232302.
  F iii Elsie CLEMENTS-232303.

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