Earl Jones Genealogy

John HOUSTON "Sr" [Parents]-231169 was born in 1657 in Johnston, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He died in 1735 in Antrim County, Ulster, Northern Ireland. John married (MRIN:75554) Margaret MC CLUNG-231170 in 1685.

Margaret MC CLUNG-231170 was born in 1650 in , Ulster, Ireland. She died in 1747 in , Rockbridge, Virginia. Margaret married (MRIN:75554) John HOUSTON "Sr"-231169 in 1685.

They had the following children.

  M i John HOUSTON "Jr"-231167 was born in 1690. He died in 1754.

Hugh HOUSTON-231171 was born in 1622. He died in 1702. Hugh married (MRIN:75555) Margaret SHAW-231172.

Margaret SHAW-231172 was born in 1625. Margaret married (MRIN:75555) Hugh HOUSTON-231171.

They had the following children.

  M i John HOUSTON "Sr"-231169 was born in 1657. He died in 1735.

Roy Alexander JONES [Parents]-231173 was born on 4 Apr 1895 in Curtis District, Spencer, Roane, West Virginia. He died on 14 Oct 1961 in Akron, Summit, Ohio. Roy married (MRIN:75556) Ocie Leona KING-231174 on 13 Jul 1919.

Ocie Leona KING-231174 was born on 24 Mar 1902. Ocie married (MRIN:75556) Roy Alexander JONES-231173 on 13 Jul 1919.

They had the following children.

  M i
Robert JONES-231175 was born in 1922.
  M ii
Howard JONES-231176 was born in 1924.
  F iii
Elizabeth JONES-231177 was born in 1926.
  M iv Donald Paul JONES-231178 was born on 18 Feb 1928. He died on 20 Jan 1974.
  M v
Marvin JONES-231179 was born in 1930.
  F vi
Ruth Ilene JONES-231180.

Donald Paul JONES [Parents]-231178 was born on 18 Feb 1928. He died on 20 Jan 1974 in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, Ohio. Donald married (MRIN:75557) Mildred Marie KIGHT-231181.

Mildred Marie KIGHT-231181 was born on 2 Feb 1935. Mildred married (MRIN:75557) Donald Paul JONES-231178.

They had the following children.

  F i
Kimberly Ann JONES-231182 was born on 21 May 1959.
  M ii Paul Mark JONES-231183 was born on 20 Jan 1962.
  M iii
Steven Charles JONES-232092 was born on 18 Feb 1970.

Paul Mark JONES [Parents]-231183 was born on 20 Jan 1962. Paul married (MRIN:75558) Michelle Lynn CHABOUDY-231184.


Michelle Lynn CHABOUDY-231184. Michelle married (MRIN:75558) Paul Mark JONES-231183.

They had the following children.

  F i
Jessica Marie JONES-231185 was born on 30 Sep 1986.
  M ii
Adam Paul JONES-231186 was born on 10 May 1988.

Jeffrey Wayne LINKINHOKER [Parents]-207457 was born on 2 Jun 1950 in Springfield, Clark, Ohio. Jeffrey married (MRIN:75559) Elaine-231190.

Other marriages:
CLINTON, Melissa Ann


Elaine-231190. Elaine married (MRIN:75559) Jeffrey Wayne LINKINHOKER-207457.

They had the following children.

  M i
Jonathan LINKINHOKER-231191.
  M ii
Michael LINKINHOKER-231192.

Thomas VAUGHAN-231193 was born in 1440 in Bredwardine, Herfordshire, England. He died in 1483. Thomas married (MRIN:75560) Eleanor WHITNEY-231194.

Eleanor WHITNEY-231194 was born in 1450 in Whitney, Herfordshire, England. She died in 1482 in , , England. Eleanor married (MRIN:75560) Thomas VAUGHAN-231193.

They had the following children.

  F i Lady Elizabeth VAUGHAN-218126 was born in 1465. She died in 1492.

Gruffudd Ap Nicholas THOMAS [Parents]-231197 was born in 1393 in Llandeilo, Maernordeilo, Carmathenshire, Wales. He died on 1 Feb 1461 in Herford, Herfordshire, England from Battle of Mortimers Cross. Gruffudd married (MRIN:75561) Mabli verch Maredhdd DWNN-231198.

Mabli verch Maredhdd DWNN-231198 was born in 1399 in Llangyndeyren, Carmarthenshire, , Wales. She died in 1438 in Llandello, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Mabli married (MRIN:75561) Gruffudd Ap Nicholas THOMAS-231197.

They had the following children.

  F i
Lleucu verch GRUFFUDD-310737 was born in 1419. She died in 1423.
  F ii
Gwenllian verch GRUFFUDD-310738 was born in 1420. She died in 1421.
  F iii
Mabli verch GRUFFUDD-310739 was born in 1420.
  F iv
Anghard verch GRIFFUDD-310740 was born in 1421 in Grande-Bretagne. She died in 1467.
  F v
Margaret verch THOMAS-310741 was born in 1422.
  M vi Sir Thomas Hunaf Ap Fitz Uryn GRUFFUD-218133 was born in 1425. He died in 1474.
  F vii
Elen verch GRUFFUDD-310742 was born in 1525.
  M viii
Owain ap GRUFFUDD-310743 was born in 1427. He died in 1456.

Samuel REMBERT [Parents]-231208 was born on 12 Oct 1773 in Rembert Hall, Sumter, South Carolina. He died on 7 Nov 1846 in , , Llousisian. Samuel married (MRIN:75562) Rebecca HARRIS-231209.

Rebecca HARRIS-231209 was born in 1829 in Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina. She died in 1884 in Grove Vlly Plant, Mississippi. Rebecca married (MRIN:75562) Samuel REMBERT-231208.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary Hannah REMBERT-161858 was born on 28 Mar 1843. She died on 18 Dec 1932.
  F ii
Louisa Rebecca REMBERT-231210 was born on 16 Jul 1846 in , Claiborne, Mississippi. She died on 20 Aug 1912 in Mansfield, De Soto, Louisiana.

Publius James REMBERT-231211 was born on 18 Feb 1748. He died in Sep 1812. Publius married (MRIN:75563) Mary DWYER-231212.

Mary DWYER-231212 was born on 1 Jan 1757. She died on 5 Dec 1809. Mary married (MRIN:75563) Publius James REMBERT-231211.

They had the following children.

  M i Samuel REMBERT-231208 was born on 12 Oct 1773. He died on 7 Nov 1846.

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