Earl Jones Genealogy

William A. WEBB-227837 was born about 1828 in , , Georgia. William married (MRIN:74518) Amelia FLANDERS-227841.

Other marriages:
BEASLEY, Mariann

Amelia FLANDERS-227841 was born about 1841 in , , Georgia. Amelia married (MRIN:74518) William A. WEBB-227837.

They had the following children.

  F i
Amanda L. WEBB-227842 was born about 1864 in , Emanuel, Georgia.
  F ii
Alice C. WEBB-227843 was born about 1866 in , Emanuel, Georgia.
  M iii
Manning J. WEBB-227844 was born about 1868 in , Emanuel, Georgia.
  F iv
Ida WEBB-227845 was born about 1870 in , , Georgia.
  F v
Martha S. WEBB-227846 was born about 1874 in , , Georgia.
  M vi
Charles WEBB-227847 was born about 1876 in , , Georgia.
  F vii
Georgia WEBB-227848 was born about 1878 in , , Georgia.

William B. BEASLEY [Parents]-227764 was born in 1835 in , Franklin, Missouri. William married (MRIN:74519) Carolina-227849.

Carolina-227849 was born in 1837 in , , Missouri. Carolina married (MRIN:74519) William B. BEASLEY-227764.

Burrell BEASLEY [Parents]-227765 was born about 1837 in , Emanuel, Georgia. Burrell married (MRIN:74520) Mary HALL-227850.

Mary HALL-227850 was born about 1840 in , Emanuel, Georgia. Mary married (MRIN:74520) Burrell BEASLEY-227765.

Henry CARPENTER "Sr" [Parents]-227851 was born on 9 Mar 1782 in , , Virginia. He died on 2 Nov 1860. Henry married (MRIN:74521) Mary Ann BEASLEY-227724.

Mary Ann BEASLEY [Parents]-227724 was born about 1785 in , , Virginia. She died in 1850/1860. Mary married (MRIN:74521) Henry CARPENTER "Sr"-227851.


They had the following children.

  M i
Henry CARPENTER "Jr"-232250 was born in 1809 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  M ii
CARPENTER-232251 was born in 1810 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  M iii
James N. CARPENTER-232252 was born in 1712 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  M iv
CARPENTER-232253 was born in 1815 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  M v
CARPENTER-232254 was born in 1817 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  F vi
Sarah F. CARPENTER-232255 was born in 1818 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  F vii
Lucy Ann CARPENTER-232256 was born in 1822 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  F viii
Ellen CARPENTER-232257 was born in 1827 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  F ix
Dorothy M. "Dolly" CARPENTER-232258 was born in 1831 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.
  F x
Catherine CARPENTER-232259 was born in 1831 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Robert WILLIAMS-227853 was born in 1808 in , Rutherford, Tennessee. Robert married (MRIN:74522) Elizabeth BEASLEY-227852.

Elizabeth BEASLEY [Parents]-227852 was born about 1798 in , , Kentucky. Elizabeth married (MRIN:74522) Robert WILLIAMS-227853.

John MORRIS-227855 was born about 1800 in , , Kentucky. He died before 1860 in , Benton, Tennessee. John married (MRIN:74523) Margaret "Peggy" BEASLEY-227854.

Margaret "Peggy" BEASLEY [Parents]-227854 was born about 1800 in , , Kentucky. Margaret married (MRIN:74523) John MORRIS-227855.

They had the following children.

  M i
John MORRIS-227856 was born in 1844 in , , Kentucky.

William E. GUTHRIE [Parents]-227858 was born about 1805 in , , Kentucky. He died on 11 Mar 1891 in Killeen, Bell, Texas. William married (MRIN:74524) Etheldra BEASLEY-227857.

Etheldra BEASLEY [Parents]-227857 was born about 1805 in , , Kentucky. She died in 1904 in Killeen, Bell, Texas. Etheldra married (MRIN:74524) William E. GUTHRIE-227858.


Shadrach GUTHRIE-227859 was born about 1772 in , , South Carolina. He died in 1850 in , Calhoun, Mississippi. Shadrach married (MRIN:74525) Malinda BADLEY-227860.

Malinda BADLEY-227860 was born about 1776 in Of, , Spartanburg, South Carolina. Malinda married (MRIN:74525) Shadrach GUTHRIE-227859.

They had the following children.

  M i William E. GUTHRIE-227858 was born about 1805. He died on 11 Mar 1891.

John Hawkins BEASLEY "Sr" [Parents]-227861 was born about 1806 in , Warren, Kentucky. He died about 1870. John married (MRIN:74526) Aley BURCHAIN-227862.

Other marriages:
LLOYD, Martha Catherine

Aley BURCHAIN-227862 was born in 1800/1810 in , , Tennessee. She died in 1850/1855. Aley married (MRIN:74526) John Hawkins BEASLEY "Sr"-227861.

They had the following children.

  M i William Levi BEASLEY-227863 was born on 28 Mar 1824. He died on 24 Jul 1911.
  F ii Catherine BEASLEY-227864 was born about 1829.
  M iii Lewis BEASLEY-227865 was born in 1831. He died in 1914.
  M iv R. Hosea BEASLEY-227866 was born about 1833.
  M v David BEASLEY-227867 was born in 1834. He died on 23 Jun 1920.
  M vi
John Hawkins BEASLEY "Jr"-227868 was born about 1837 in , Humphreys, Tennessee. He died on 16 Oct 1874 in , Stewart, Tennessee.
  F vii Fredonia Elizabeth BEASLEY-227869 was born about 1840.
  F viii Mary Ann BEASLEY-227870 was born about 1844.

William Levi BEASLEY [Parents]-227863 was born on 28 Mar 1824 in , Stewart, Tennessee. He died on 24 Jul 1911 in Benton, Marshall, Kentucky. William married (MRIN:74527) Mary A. BIGGS-227871.

Mary A. BIGGS [Parents]-227871 was born on 26 Oct 1831 in Dover, Stewart, Tennessee. She died on 29 Oct 1905 in Near Heights, Benton, Marshall, Kentucky. Mary married (MRIN:74527) William Levi BEASLEY-227863.

They had the following children.

  F i
Alia Elizabeth BEASLEY-227872 was born on 15 Apr 1856 in , , Tennessee or Kentucky. She died on 4 May 1862 in , , Tennessee or Kentucky.
  F ii
Mary D. BEASLEY-227873 was born on 10 Sep 1858 in , Stewart, Tennessee. She died on 17 Nov 1858 in , Stewart, Tennessee. She was buried in , Stewart, Tennessee.
  F iii Sarah J. "Babe" BEASLEY-227874 was born on 14 Aug 1861. She died on 29 Apr 1943.
  M iv Kader BEASLEY-227875 was born on 15 Oct 1862. He died on 30 Apr 1925.
  F v Dice Isabel BEASLEY-227876 was born on 13 Jan 1865. She died on 23 Aug 1914.
  M vi William Joseph "H" BEASLEY-227877 was born on 22 Dec 1866. He died on 28 Jun 1950.
  M vii Thomas Crawford "Tom" BEASLEY-227878 was born on 26 Oct 1870. He died on 16 Feb 1960.
  M viii
James Henry BEASLEY-227879 was born on 28 Dec 1872 in , Marshall, Kentucky. He died on 1 Jan 1873 in , Marshall, Kentucky.

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