Earl Jones Genealogy

Nickolas Edmond DOLPHAY [Parents]-1818 was born in 1943. Nickolas married (MRIN:703) Wilma HUCKABY-1820. The marriage ended in divorce.

Other marriages:

Wilma HUCKABY-1820. Wilma married (MRIN:703) Nickolas Edmond DOLPHAY-1818. The marriage ended in divorce.

Robert EASON-1823. Robert married (MRIN:704) Sharon Emily DOLPHAY-1822.

Sharon Emily DOLPHAY [Parents]-1822 was born in 1950. Sharon married (MRIN:704) Robert EASON-1823.

Arthur Lamar CLEVENGER [Parents]-1829 was born in 1929. Arthur married (MRIN:705) LaVern MANGUS-1830.

LaVern MANGUS-1830. LaVern married (MRIN:705) Arthur Lamar CLEVENGER-1829.

Joe Mack CLEVENGER [Parents]-1832 was born in 1940. Joe married (MRIN:706) Sue FRAZIER-1833.

Sue FRAZIER-1833. Sue married (MRIN:706) Joe Mack CLEVENGER-1832.

Charles HOLSTER-1835. Charles married (MRIN:707) Mildred B. CRAWFORD-1834.

Mildred B. CRAWFORD [Parents]-1834 was born in 1933. Mildred married (MRIN:707) Charles HOLSTER-1835.

PHILLIPS-1838. PHILLIPS married (MRIN:708) Vernie May CRAWFORD-1837.

Vernie May CRAWFORD [Parents]-1837 was born in 1937. Vernie married (MRIN:708) PHILLIPS-1838.

Other marriages:

Mack Arthur CRAWFORD [Parents]-1839 was born in 1940. Mack married (MRIN:709) Elke DRESCHLER-1840.

Elke DRESCHLER-1840 died in Abt. 1978. Elke married (MRIN:709) Mack Arthur CRAWFORD-1839.


Michael Gordon PARSONS-1842. Michael married (MRIN:710) Joyce Marie CRAWFORD-1841.

Joyce Marie CRAWFORD [Parents]-1841 was born in 1943. Joyce married (MRIN:710) Michael Gordon PARSONS-1842.

Jimmy Don CRAWFORD [Parents]-1843 was born in 1946. Jimmy married (MRIN:711) Shirley-1844.

Shirley-1844. Shirley married (MRIN:711) Jimmy Don CRAWFORD-1843.

Willie Arvill CRAWFORD [Parents]-1845 was born in 1947. Willie married (MRIN:712) Linda-1846.

Linda-1846. Linda married (MRIN:712) Willie Arvill CRAWFORD-1845.

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