Earl Jones Genealogy

Henry CONN-215477 was born in 1750. He died in 1785 in , Lincoln, North Carolina. Henry married (MRIN:71031) Juliana RUDISILL-293082 about 1777.

Juliana RUDISILL-293082 was born on 11 Jun 1754 in , York, Pennsylvania. She died in 1830 in , Roane, Tennessee. Juliana married (MRIN:71031) Henry CONN-215477 about 1777.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary Catherine CONN-209349 was born on 21 Aug 1778. She died on 23 Jan 1858.

George STUFFBLEFIELD-215478. George married (MRIN:71032) Keziah READ-215479.

Keziah READ-215479. Keziah married (MRIN:71032) George STUFFBLEFIELD-215478.

They had the following children.

  M i Joseph STUFFBLEFIELD-209255.

Raleigh STUFFBLEFIELD [Parents]-215480 was born on 17 Sep 1799 in , Grainger, Tennessee. Raleigh married (MRIN:71033) Lucy JARNIGAN-215481.

Lucy JARNIGAN-215481. Lucy married (MRIN:71033) Raleigh STUFFBLEFIELD-215480.

Wyatt STUFFBLEFIELD [Parents]-215483 was born on 4 Aug 1810. Wyatt married (MRIN:71034) Mary Ada THOMPSON-215484.

Mary Ada THOMPSON-215484. Mary married (MRIN:71034) Wyatt STUFFBLEFIELD-215483.

William GENT-215488. William married (MRIN:71035) Keziah-215489.

Keziah-215489. Keziah married (MRIN:71035) William GENT-215488.

They had the following children.

  M i Josiah GENT "Sr"-209257 was born about 1775. He died in 1840/1850.

James K. PAYTE-215491 was born about 1801 in , , Georgia. James married (MRIN:71036) Jemima GENT-215490.

Jemima GENT [Parents]-215490 was born on 30 Oct 1800 in , Roane, Tennessee. She died on 9 Jul 1868 in Fordland, Webster, Missouri. She was buried in Easter Cemetery, Fordland, Webster, Missouri. Jemima married (MRIN:71036) James K. PAYTE-215491.

They had the following children.


Joseph SEAY-215493. Joseph married (MRIN:71037) Christina GENT-215492 on 2 Aug 1827.

Christina GENT [Parents]-215492. Christina married (MRIN:71037) Joseph SEAY-215493 on 2 Aug 1827.

Elijah ROSE-215495. Elijah married (MRIN:71038) Senthy GENT-215494 on 13 Mar 1827.

Senthy GENT [Parents]-215494. Senthy married (MRIN:71038) Elijah ROSE-215495 on 13 Mar 1827.

Tandy JACKSON "Jr" [Parents]-215504 was born in 1804 in , , North Carolina. He died in 1884 in , Pope, Illinois. Tandy married (MRIN:71039) Margaret "Peggy" GENT-215497 about 1824 in , Hamilton County, Tennesse.

Margaret "Peggy" GENT [Parents]-215497 was born about 1806 in , , Tennessee. Margaret married (MRIN:71039) Tandy JACKSON "Jr"-215504 about 1824 in , Hamilton County, Tennesse.

They had the following children.

  M i
Francis JACKSON-261896 was born in 1825 in Of, , Hamilton, Tennessee. He died in 1887 in Falling Water, Hamilton, Tennessee.
  F ii Mary Emily JACKSON-215507 was born on 18 Sep 1827.
  F iii Martha Sullins JACKSON-215509 was born on 18 Sep 1828. She died on 22 Dec 1895.
  M iv Ephriam JACKSON-215511 was born in 1831. He died in 1862.
  F v Phoebe JACKSON-215513 was born in 1833. She died in 1881.
  M vi
Timothy JACKSON-215515 was born in 1834 in , Hamilton, Tennessee.
  M vii Elijah S. "Tiner" JACKSON-215518 was born in Dec 1837.
  F viii Eliza Jane JACKSON-215516 was born in 1838.
  M ix
Jeremiah JACKSON-215522 was born in 1843 in , Hamilton, Tennessee.
  F x Agnes Carolina JACKSON-215523 was born on 4 Feb 1847. She died on 9 Aug 1907.
  M xi
William Alfred JACKSON-215525 was born in May 1850 in , Hamilton, Tennessee. He died on 4 May 1902 in Mitchellsville, Saline, Illinois.

Vincent JONES-215499. Vincent married (MRIN:71040) Charlotte GENT-215498 on 18 Nov 1834.

Charlotte GENT [Parents]-215498. Charlotte married (MRIN:71040) Vincent JONES-215499 on 18 Nov 1834.

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