Earl Jones Genealogy

Mike SIMONETTI-207287. Mike married (MRIN:68666) Misty Dawn SPEARS-196075.

Misty Dawn SPEARS [Parents]-196075 was born on 20 Jul 1980 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. She died on 29 Nov 2008 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. She was buried on 6 Dec 2008 in Whitefield Cemetery, Whitefield, Haskell, Oklahoma. Misty married (MRIN:68666) Mike SIMONETTI-207287. She was related to her parents by adoption

Hugo HERNANDEZ-207289. Hugo married (MRIN:68667) Chadette SPEARS-207288.

Chadette SPEARS [Parents]-207288. Chadette married (MRIN:68667) Hugo HERNANDEZ-207289.

Charlie GARNER-207293. Charlie married (MRIN:68668) Carolyn SPEARS-170865.

Carolyn SPEARS [Parents]-170865. Carolyn married (MRIN:68668) Charlie GARNER-207293.

Glen FLOYD-207294. Glen married (MRIN:68669) Linda SPEARS-170868.

Linda SPEARS [Parents]-170868. Linda married (MRIN:68669) Glen FLOYD-207294.

Burl SPEARS [Parents]-170866. Burl married (MRIN:68670) Lisa-207295.

Lisa-207295. Lisa married (MRIN:68670) Burl SPEARS-170866.

Debert HOLLY-207297. Debert married (MRIN:68671) Debert YOW-207296.

Debert YOW [Parents]-207296 was born on 27 Oct 1933 in , , Oklahoma. She died on 15 Sep 1966. Debert married (MRIN:68671) Debert HOLLY-207297.

HENSON-207299 was born about 1930. HENSON married (MRIN:68672) Martha YOW-207298.

Martha YOW [Parents]-207298 was born about 1935. Martha married (MRIN:68672) HENSON-207299.

Thomas B. JEWELL-207300. Thomas married (MRIN:68673) Girthle E.-207301.

Girthle E.-207301. Girthle married (MRIN:68673) Thomas B. JEWELL-207300.

They had the following children.

  M i Herschel WEATHERS-170856 was born on 13 Nov 1910. He died on 10 Jun 1968.

Mike UNDERWOOD-207304. Mike married (MRIN:68674) Carolene WEATHERS-207303.

Carolene WEATHERS [Parents]-207303. Carolene married (MRIN:68674) Mike UNDERWOOD-207304.

Rev. Bill WEATHERS [Parents]-207302 was born in Of, Coalgate, Oklahoma. Bill married (MRIN:68675) Ruth-207305.

Ruth-207305. Ruth married (MRIN:68675) Rev. Bill WEATHERS-207302.

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