Earl Jones Genealogy

Joseph JONES-205871. Joseph married (MRIN:68187) Sarah ANDERSON-205872.

Sarah ANDERSON-205872. Sarah married (MRIN:68187) Joseph JONES-205871.

They had the following children.

  M i Thomas JONES-205604.
  M ii
Gabriel JONES-205875.

Joseph Thomas JONES [Parents]-205605 was born about 1841. Joseph married (MRIN:68188) Priscilla COUNCIL-205873.

Priscilla COUNCIL [Parents]-205873 was born in 1842. Priscilla married (MRIN:68188) Joseph Thomas JONES-205605.

George COUNCIL-205874.

He had the following children.

  F i Priscilla COUNCIL-205873 was born in 1842.

John HALL-205876 was born in 1780. He died about 1850. John married (MRIN:68190) Mary JOHNS-205385.

Mary JOHNS [Parents]-205385 was born in 1778 in , Mecklenburg, North Carolina. She died in 1855. Mary married (MRIN:68190) John HALL-205876.


They had the following children.

  F i
Lydia HALL-205877 was born in 1810.[Notes]
  F ii Mary Jane HALL-205878.
  M iii James M. HALL-205880 was born in 1820.
  F iv Sarah Belle HALL-205882.
  F v Permelia HALL-205884.

George SHINHOLSTER-205879. George married (MRIN:68191) Mary Jane HALL-205878.


Mary Jane HALL [Parents]-205878. Mary married (MRIN:68191) George SHINHOLSTER-205879.


James M. HALL [Parents]-205880 was born in 1820. James married (MRIN:68192) Jincey HUGHS-205881.


Jincey HUGHS-205881. Jincey married (MRIN:68192) James M. HALL-205880.

Daniel THOMAS-205883. Daniel married (MRIN:68193) Sarah Belle HALL-205882.

Sarah Belle HALL [Parents]-205882. Sarah married (MRIN:68193) Daniel THOMAS-205883.


Levi EZELL-205885. Levi married (MRIN:68194) Permelia HALL-205884.

Permelia HALL [Parents]-205884. Permelia married (MRIN:68194) Levi EZELL-205885.


Rev. Andrew JOHNS [Parents]-205886 was born about 1808 in Probably, , Knox, Tennessee. He died in Probably , , Bradley, Tennessee. Andrew married (MRIN:68195) Catherine-205887.


Catherine-205887 was born in 1820 in , , Virginia. Catherine married (MRIN:68195) Rev. Andrew JOHNS-205886.

They had the following children.

  M i
Henderson JONES-205906 was born about 1833.
  F ii Uphema JONES-205907 was born about 1835.
  M iii
William JONES-205911 was born about 1837.
  F iv Nancy H. JONES-205912 was born about 1839.
  M v Charles P. S. JONES-205915 was born about 1841.
  F vi Martha E. JONES-205917 was born about 1847.
  M vii McCampbell JONES-205920 was born about 1848.
  F viii Catherine J. JONES-205923 was born about 1850.
  M ix
Samuel W. JONES-205925 was born about 1852 in , Bradley, Tennessee.

Hugh K. JOHN [Parents]-205888 was born about 1813 in Probably, , Knox, Tennessee. Hugh married (MRIN:68196) Sarah A. PRATHER-205889 on 16 Mar 1842 in , McMinn, Tennessee.


Sarah A. PRATHER-205889 was born in 1817 in , , North Carolina. Sarah married (MRIN:68196) Hugh K. JOHN-205888 on 16 Mar 1842 in , McMinn, Tennessee.

They had the following children.

  F i
Phebe JOHN-205897 was born in 1843 in , , Tennessee.
  F ii
Mary E. JOHN-205898 was born in 1845 in , , Tennessee.
  F iii
Nancy P. JOHN-205899 was born in 1847 in , , Tennessee.
  M iv
Martin A. JOHN-205900 was born in 1849 in , , Tennessee.
  F v
Paralee JOHN-205901 was born in 1850 in , , Tennessee.
  F vi
Cornelia Catherine JOHN-205902 was born in 1855 in , , Tennessee.
  M vii
James W. JOHN-205903 was born in 1857 in , , Tennessee.
  M viii
Samuel H. JOHN-206019 was born about 1861.

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