Earl Jones Genealogy

Nicholas ALLEY [Parents]-162151 was born on 20 Mar 1842 in Clarksburg, Moniteau, Missouri. He died on 16 Feb 1911 in Clarksburg, Moniteau, Missouri. He was buried in Clarksburg, Moniteau, Missouir. Nicholas married (MRIN:67628) Sarah BARTLETT-203792.

Sarah BARTLETT-203792. Sarah married (MRIN:67628) Nicholas ALLEY-162151.

Thomas Edward ALLEY [Parents]-162150 was born on 18 Jun 1840 in Clarksburg, Moniteau, Missouri. He died on 14 Jan 1911 in , , Missouri. Thomas married (MRIN:67629) Sally BIRDSONG-203793.

Sally BIRDSONG-203793. Sally married (MRIN:67629) Thomas Edward ALLEY-162150.

Milas ALLEY [Parents]-203772.

She had the following children.

  M i John ALLEY-203794.

John ALLEY [Parents]-203794.

He had the following children.

  F i Mary ALLEY-203795.

HENNESY-203797. HENNESY married (MRIN:67632) Mary ALLEY-203795.

Mary ALLEY [Parents]-203795. Mary married (MRIN:67632) HENNESY-203797.

They had the following children.

  M i
Jeff HENNESY-203796.

Jean - John ALLEE-203798 was born in 1672 in , , France. Jean married (MRIN:67633) Elizabeth PERDINEAU-203946.

Elizabeth PERDINEAU-203946. Elizabeth married (MRIN:67633) Jean - John ALLEE-203798.

They had the following children.

  M i Nicholas ALLEE-203788 was born on 7 Jul 1695.
  M ii
Peter ALLEE-203947 was born in 1700 in , , France. He died on 11 Jul 1779.
  M iii
William ALLEE-203948 was born in 1702 in , , France.
  M iv
Benjamin ALLEE-203949 was born in 1710/1712 in , , France.

Andrew Jackson ALLEY [Parents]-161271 was born on 17 May 1821 in , Montgomery, Kentucky. He died on 22 May 1889 in Putnam, Indiana. Andrew married (MRIN:67634) Mary CHAPMAN-51708 in Jul 1841 in , , Indiana.

Mary CHAPMAN-51708 was born in 1815 in , , Kentucky. Mary married (MRIN:67634) Andrew Jackson ALLEY-161271 in Jul 1841 in , , Indiana.

They had the following children.

  M i
William Henry ALLEY-51707 was born in 1845 in , , Indiana.
  M ii
Pleasant ALLEY-277002 was born in 1847 in , , Indiana.
  M iii
Zachariah ALLEY-277003 was born in Dec 1848 in , , Indiana.
  M iv
Winfield Scott ALLEY-277004 was born in Dec 1850 in , , Indiana. He died on 2 Apr 1914 in Marion, Putnam, Indiana.

A. H. DUNLAP-203808. A. H. DUNLAP married (MRIN:67635) Ann ALLEY-203749.

Ann ALLEY [Parents]-203749 was born in 1840. She died in 1921 in , , Missouri. Ann married (MRIN:67635) A. H. DUNLAP-203808.

James T. ALLEY [Parents]-203812 was born in 1850. He died in 1950 in St. Joseph, , Missouri. James married (MRIN:67636) Alice TREMAINE-203813.

Alice TREMAINE-203813. Alice married (MRIN:67636) James T. ALLEY-203812.

John L. ALLEY [Parents]-203814 was born in 1853. He died in 1920 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. John married (MRIN:67637) Kate GRAUUM-203815.

Kate GRAUUM-203815. Kate married (MRIN:67637) John L. ALLEY-203814.

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