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Vernon Pope HARRISON [Parents]-198102 was born on 25 Jan 1926. He died on 7 Nov 1994 in Covington, Newton, Georgia. Vernon married (MRIN:66011) Alice Kathleen EDGE-198085 on 19 Jan 1946 in McDonough, Henry, Georgia.

Alice Kathleen EDGE [Parents]-198085 was born on 8 Jul 1929 in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia. She died on 9 Oct 1996 in Covington, Newton, Georgia. Alice married (MRIN:66011) Vernon Pope HARRISON-198102 on 19 Jan 1946 in McDonough, Henry, Georgia.

They had the following children.

  F i Kathy Lynn HARRISON-198103 was born on 16 Jul 1948.
  M ii Richard Vernon HARRISON-198104 was born on 24 Oct 1949.

James KNIGHT-198105. James married (MRIN:66012) Kathy Lynn HARRISON-198103.

Kathy Lynn HARRISON [Parents]-198103 was born on 16 Jul 1948. Kathy married (MRIN:66012) James KNIGHT-198105.

Other marriages:

Richard Vernon HARRISON [Parents]-198104 was born on 24 Oct 1949 in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia. Richard married (MRIN:66013) Bonnie NALE-198106 on 21 Jan 1969.

Other marriages:
, Melisaa
COKER, Carol

Bonnie NALE-198106 was born on 23 Jul 1950. Bonnie married (MRIN:66013) Richard Vernon HARRISON-198104 on 21 Jan 1969.

They had the following children.

  F i Kristie Lynn HARRISON-233055 was born on 30 Jun 1970.
  M ii Richard Vernon HARRISON-233056 was born on 28 Jun 1974.

Orlando GERMANO-15791 was born on 19 Mar 1923 in Farrell, Mercer, Pennylvania. Orlando married (MRIN:66014) Lillian Marion HOLLINGSWORTH-25623 on 5 Oct 1950 in Brazil, Clay, Indiana.


Lillian Marion HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-25623 was born on 24 May 1928 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lillian married (MRIN:66014) Orlando GERMANO-15791 on 5 Oct 1950 in Brazil, Clay, Indiana.

They had the following children.

  F i
  M ii
  M iii

Charles Lewis GRIFFIN [Parents]-171040 was born on 27 Sep 1884 in Oliver, Edgar, Illinois. He died on 23 Sep 1967 in Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Charles married (MRIN:66015) Adeline MORRIS-198110.

Other marriages:
GARDNER, Florence Bernice


Adeline MORRIS [Parents]-198110 was born about 1815 in , , Tennessee. Adeline married (MRIN:66015) Charles Lewis GRIFFIN-171040.

Other marriages:

Richard Harvey MORRIS-198111 was born in 1772 in , , Virginia. He died in Sep 1865 in Martinsville, Clark, Illinois. Richard married (MRIN:66016) Catherine TEEL-198112 on 7 Aug 1802 in , Greene, Tennessee.

Catherine TEEL [Parents]-198112 was born in 1770 in , Loudoun, Virginia. She died in Dec 1868 in Martinsville, Clark, Illinois. Catherine married (MRIN:66016) Richard Harvey MORRIS-198111 on 7 Aug 1802 in , Greene, Tennessee.


They had the following children.

  F i Mary Ann "Polly" MORRIS-198125 was born on 20 Mar 1806. She died on 27 Sep 1886.
  F ii Margaret MORRIS-198126 was born about 1808.
  F iii
MORRIS-198127 was born about 1812 in , , Tennessee.
  F iv Adeline MORRIS-198110 was born about 1815.
  F v
Sarah MORRIS-198128 was born on 11 Jun 1819 in , , Indiana. She died about 17 May 1900 in Casey, Clark, Illinois.

George Henry HOPPE-198113 was born on 19 Oct 1896 in , , California. George married (MRIN:66017) Louise HOLLINGSWORTH-142161.

Louise HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-142161 was born on 16 Nov 1897 in , Edgar, Illinois. She died on 4 Jul 1931 in , Butte, California. She was buried in Deair Cemetery, Denair, Stanislaus, California. Louise married (MRIN:66017) George Henry HOPPE-198113.

BACHTOLD-198114. BACHTOLD married (MRIN:66018) Louise HOLLINGSWORTH-172477.

Louise HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-172477. Louise married (MRIN:66018) BACHTOLD-198114.

William G. "Billy" CRAIN-172382 was born in 1815 in , , Georgia. He died in 1892 in , Heard, Georgia. William married (MRIN:66019) Mary Elizabeth RANSOM-172389.

Mary Elizabeth RANSOM-172389 was born on 19 Mar 1839 in , , Georgia. She died on 7 May 1888 in , Heard, Georgia. Mary married (MRIN:66019) William G. "Billy" CRAIN-172382.

They had the following children.

  F i Martha A. CRAIN-172391 was born in 1856.
  M ii Samuel Ransom CRAIN "I"-67912 was born on 4 Mar 1861. He died in 1945.
  M iii James Spencer CRAIN-172383 was born in Jun 1865. He died on 28 Dec 1919.

STALLINGS-41389. STALLINGS married (MRIN:66020) Martha A. CRAIN-172391.

Martha A. CRAIN [Parents]-172391 was born in 1856 in , Heard, Georgia. Martha married (MRIN:66020) STALLINGS-41389.

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