Earl Jones Genealogy

Ted BANKS-197217. Ted married (MRIN:65672) Carmen-197216.

Carmen-197216. Carmen married (MRIN:65672) Ted BANKS-197217.

Other marriages:
JOHNS, Billy Gene "Sr"

Shane CARTER-197220. Shane married (MRIN:65673) Leisa MC MINN-197219.

Leisa MC MINN [Parents]-197219. Leisa married (MRIN:65673) Shane CARTER-197220.

They had the following children.

  F i
Danielle CARTER-197224.
  F ii
Dixie CARTER-197225.

Norman MC MINN [Parents]-197221. Norman married (MRIN:65674) Ginger-197222.

Ginger-197222. Ginger married (MRIN:65674) Norman MC MINN-197221.

Chris MC MINN [Parents]-197218. Chris married (MRIN:65675) Nicole-197223.

Nicole-197223. Nicole married (MRIN:65675) Chris MC MINN-197218.

Rick HILL-197227. Rick married (MRIN:65676) Patsy MC MINN-197226.

Patsy MC MINN [Parents]-197226. Patsy married (MRIN:65676) Rick HILL-197227.

Oliver Lee MC MINN "Sr" [Parents]-197230. Oliver married (MRIN:65677) Nellie Belle NEW-197231.

Nellie Belle NEW-197231. Nellie married (MRIN:65677) Oliver Lee MC MINN "Sr"-197230.

They had the following children.

  M i Oliver Lee MC MINN "Jr"-197232 was born on 24 Sep 1949. He died on 21 Aug 2009.

Oliver Lee MC MINN "Jr" [Parents]-197232 was born on 24 Sep 1949 in Dover, , Arkansas. He died on 21 Aug 2009 in Sherwood, Pulaski, Arkansas. He was buried on 24 Aug 2009 in Arkansas Memorial Gardens, Sherwood, Pulaski, Arkansas. Oliver married (MRIN:65678) UNKNOWN-197212.

Other marriages:
JOHNS, Pamela Ann

UNKNOWN-197212. UNKNOWN married (MRIN:65678) Oliver Lee MC MINN "Jr"-197232.

They had the following children.

  M i
Norman MC MINN-197233.

John MC NATT-197236 was born in 1750 in William Penn Colony, Kent, Delaward. He died in 1843 in Fayeteville, Lincoln, Tennessee. John married (MRIN:65679) Sarah "Sally" BENSON-197237 about 1770 in , Kent, Delaware.

Sarah "Sally" BENSON-197237 was born in 1750 in , Kent, Delaware. She died in , , Tennessee. Sarah married (MRIN:65679) John MC NATT-197236 about 1770 in , Kent, Delaware.

They had the following children.

  F i
Sarah "Sally" MC NATT-197413 was born about 1772 in , , Delaware.
  F ii
Rebecca "Becky" MC NATT-197414 was born about 1774 in , , Delaware.
  M iii
Richard MC NATT-197415 was born about 1776 in , , Delaware. He died about 1850 in , , Arkansas.
  F iv
Elizabeth MC NATT-197416 was born about 1716 in , , Delaware.
  M v
Charles C. MC NATT-197417 was born about 1780 in , , Pennsylvania. He died on 2 Oct 1847 in , Lincoln, Tennessee.
  M vi
Leven Benson MC NATT-197418 was born on 14 Feb 1787 in Shelbyville, Bedford, Tennessee. He died on 31 Dec 1856 in Aurora, Lawrence, Missouri.
  F vii Mary "Polly" MC NATT-197235 was born in 1787. She died in 1840.

Richard ANDERSON [Parents]-197238 was born in 1806 in Lebanon, Wilson, Tennessee. He died about 1857 in , Lawrence, Tennessee. Richard married (MRIN:65680) Martha-197239 about 1826 in , , Tennessee.

Martha-197239 was born in 1804 in , , Virginia. She died about 1890 in Probably, Lawrence County, Tennessee. Martha married (MRIN:65680) Richard ANDERSON-197238 about 1826 in , , Tennessee.

Peyton "Pate" ANDERSON [Parents]-58276 was born in 1807 in , , Tennessee. He died on 14 Nov 1875 in , Lawrence, Tennessee. He was buried in , Lawrence, Tennessee. Peyton married (MRIN:65681) Elizabeth Louisa MYERS-197240 about 1843.

Elizabeth Louisa MYERS-197240 was born in 1822 in , , Missouri. She died in Nov 1890 in , Lawrence, Tennessee. She was buried in Nov 1890 in , Lawrence, Tennessee. Elizabeth married (MRIN:65681) Peyton "Pate" ANDERSON-58276 about 1843.

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