Earl Jones Genealogy

Lyman GAREY-195571 was born in 1841 in , , Pennsylvania. Lyman married (MRIN:65041) Rachel-195572 in 1866.

Rachel-195572 was born in Oct 1844 in , , Pennsylvania. Rachel married (MRIN:65041) Lyman GAREY-195571 in 1866.

They had the following children.

  M i Edward GAREY-195563 was born about 1862. He died in 1930.
  M ii
Charles GAREY-195573 was born about 1867 in , , Pennsylvania.
  M iii
Eugine GAREY-195574 was born about 1869 in , , Pennsylvania.

William Alexander SMITH [Parents]-195526 was born on 8 Oct 1894.

He had the following children.

  M i SMITH-195575.

SMITH [Parents]-195575.

He had the following children.

  F i Nancy SMITH-195576.

JOHNSON-195577. JOHNSON married (MRIN:65044) Nancy SMITH-195576.

Nancy SMITH [Parents]-195576. Nancy married (MRIN:65044) JOHNSON-195577.

Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH "II" [Parents]-27249 was born in 1738 in , Frederick, Virginia. He died on 10 Sep 1792 in Tyger River, Union District, South Caroliana. Joseph was sealed to his parents on 26 Dec 2014 in the Denver Colorado temple. He was baptized on 3 May 1841 in the St. George Utah temple. He was endowed on 31 Aug 2001 in the Seattle Washington temple. Joseph married (MRIN:65045) UNKNOWN-195579 in 1767.

Other marriages:


UNKNOWN-195579. UNKNOWN married (MRIN:65045) Joseph HOLLINGSWORTH "II"-27249 in 1767.

They had the following children.

  F i
Martha HOLLINGSWORTH-195580 was born about 1769.[Notes]
  F ii Mary HOLLINGSWORTH-195581 was born about 1771.
  F iii Ruth HOLLINGSWORTH-195582 was born about 1773.

STRAWN-195584. STRAWN married (MRIN:65046) Mary HOLLINGSWORTH-195581.

Mary HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-195581 was born about 1771. Mary married (MRIN:65046) STRAWN-195584.


YOUNG-195585. YOUNG married (MRIN:65047) Ruth HOLLINGSWORTH-195582.

Ruth HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-195582 was born about 1773. Ruth married (MRIN:65047) YOUNG-195585.


Denny BURKE-195583. Denny married (MRIN:65048) Joyce HOLLINGSWORTH-172362.

Joyce HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-172362 was born about 1944. Joyce married (MRIN:65048) Denny BURKE-195583.

Johann Christian SHINKLE-202425 was born on 10 Jul 1756 in Heidelberg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He died in 1833 in Lewis, Brown, Ohio. Johann married (MRIN:65049) Maria Magdalena LEININGER-202424 on 8 Aug 1780 in Tulpenhocken, Berks, Pennsylvania.

Maria Magdalena LEININGER-202424 was born in 1760 in Heidelberg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She died in 1814 in Lewis, Brown, Ohio. Maria married (MRIN:65049) Johann Christian SHINKLE-202425 on 8 Aug 1780 in Tulpenhocken, Berks, Pennsylvania.

They had the following children.

  F i Maria Barbara SHINKLE-202422 was born on 22 Sep 1786. She died on 4 Apr 1864.

David Leander HANNON-20288 was born on 1 Sep 1859 in Orinoco, Olmstd, Minnesota. He died on 3 May 1946 in Vancouver, Clark, Washington. David married (MRIN:65050) Charlotte STURGES-195588.

Charlotte STURGES-195588 was born on 8 Jun 1868 in Buffalo, Wright, Minnesota. She died on 24 Dec 1928 in Corvallis, Benton, Oregon. Charlotte married (MRIN:65050) David Leander HANNON-20288.

They had the following children.

  F i Myrtle Ann HANNON-5393 was born on 15 Oct 1888. She died on 1 Mar 1937.

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