Earl Jones Genealogy

Bobby G. COLLINS-191831. Bobby married (MRIN:64033) Betty June ADAMS-191830 on 20 Jul 1956.

Betty June ADAMS [Parents]-191830 was born on 24 Feb 1939. Betty married (MRIN:64033) Bobby G. COLLINS-191831 on 20 Jul 1956.

They had the following children.

  F i
Betty Michael COLLINS-191832 was born on 14 Dec 1957.
  F ii
Lisa Gail COLLINS-191833 was born on 28 Aug 1937.
  F iii
Angelia R. COLLINS-191834 was born on 1 Dec 1961.

Jimmie Wayne ADAMS [Parents]-191835 was born on 14 Aug 1937. Jimmie married (MRIN:64034) Patricia HOWELL-191836 on 25 Dec 1955 in , Shelby, Texas.

Patricia HOWELL-191836. Patricia married (MRIN:64034) Jimmie Wayne ADAMS-191835 on 25 Dec 1955 in , Shelby, Texas.

They had the following children.

  F i
Valenda Susan ADAMS-191837 was born on 4 May 1955.
  M ii
Gregory Wayne ADAMS-191838 was born on 21 Dec 1959.

Allie M. ADAMS [Parents]-191839 was born about 1941. Allie married (MRIN:64035) Jane LACEY-191840.

Jane LACEY-191840. Jane married (MRIN:64035) Allie M. ADAMS-191839.

Clifford ADAMS [Parents]-191841 was born about 1943. Clifford married (MRIN:64036) Berma WIGGINS-191842.

Berma WIGGINS-191842. Berma married (MRIN:64036) Clifford ADAMS-191841.

Joseph SMITH-191843. Joseph married (MRIN:64037) Julia Ann WILLOUGHBY-191844.

Julia Ann WILLOUGHBY-191844. Julia married (MRIN:64037) Joseph SMITH-191843.

They had the following children.

  F i Dolly Blanche SMITH-143663 was born on 12 Apr 1887. She died on 1 Mar 1973.

Dalton "Sug" Smith JONES [Parents]-143665 was born on 19 Oct 1919. Dalton married (MRIN:64038) Eva Jean BRITTAIN-191845 on 19 Mar 1949.

Eva Jean BRITTAIN [Parents]-191845. Eva married (MRIN:64038) Dalton "Sug" Smith JONES-143665 on 19 Mar 1949.

They had the following children.

  M i
Dalton Britten JONES-191848 was born on 25 Aug 1950.
  M ii
Damon Frederick JONES-191849 was born on 17 Jul 1952.
  F iii
Lessa Ann Maria JONES-191850 was born on 23 Jan 1959.
  M iv
Roderick Sterling JONES-191851 was born in 1963.

Clyde F. BRITTAIN-191846. Clyde married (MRIN:64039) Minnie Ola SMITH-191847.

Minnie Ola SMITH-191847. Minnie married (MRIN:64039) Clyde F. BRITTAIN-191846.

They had the following children.

  F i Eva Jean BRITTAIN-191845.

Kenneth Len COCHRAN [Parents]-143668 was born on 3 Oct 1947. Kenneth married (MRIN:64040) Ruth Ednah STEWART-191852.

Ruth Ednah STEWART-191852 was born on 12 Feb 1948. Ruth married (MRIN:64040) Kenneth Len COCHRAN-143668.

Donald Jones COCHRAN [Parents]-143669 was born on 2 Nov 1949. Donald married (MRIN:64041) Rhonda CATTRELL-191853.

Rhonda CATTRELL-191853 was born on 26 Dec 1951. Rhonda married (MRIN:64041) Donald Jones COCHRAN-143669.

Joe Lewis JONES [Parents]-143664 was born on 4 May 1927. Joe married (MRIN:64042) Gloria Ann SIMON-191854 on 12 Oct 1951 in , Shelby, Texas.

Gloria Ann SIMON [Parents]-191854 was born on 13 Jun 1928. Gloria married (MRIN:64042) Joe Lewis JONES-143664 on 12 Oct 1951 in , Shelby, Texas.

They had the following children.

  F i
Traci Ellen JONES-191857 was born on 10 Dec 1952.
  M ii
Benjamin JONES-191858 was born on 1 Apr 1957.

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