Earl Jones Genealogy

Lewis CONNELLY-190314 was born about 1778. Lewis married (MRIN:63557) Lucy ALLEY-190282 in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Lucy ALLEY [Parents]-190282 was born in 1778. Lucy married (MRIN:63557) Lewis CONNELLY-190314 in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Richard ALLEY [Parents]-190315 was born in 1774 in , Franklin, North Carolina. Richard married (MRIN:63558) Mary ALLEY-190283 in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Mary ALLEY [Parents]-190283 was born in 1780. Mary married (MRIN:63558) Richard ALLEY-190315 in 1803 in Brunswick, Virginia.

Drury ALLEY "Sr" [Parents]-281338 was born on 1 Jul 1724 in , , Virginia. He died in 1797. Drury married (MRIN:63559) Susannah-190317.

Other marriages:
, Abigail
ALLEY, Winifred

Susannah-190317. Susannah married (MRIN:63559) Drury ALLEY "Sr"-281338.

They had the following children.

  M i
Stephen ALLEY-190322 was born in 1765. He died in 1823.
  M ii Drury ALLEY "Jr"-190323 was born in 1770.
  M iii
Henry ALLEY-190319 was born in 1772.
  M iv Richard ALLEY-190315 was born in 1774.

Jimmy MADDOX [Parents]-190326 was born about 1870. Jimmy married (MRIN:63561) Essie BROWN-190344.

Essie BROWN-190344 was born about 1870. Essie married (MRIN:63561) Jimmy MADDOX-190326.

Thomas ALLEY [Parents]-161109 was born on 27 Nov 1581 in Great Bekhampstead, Herffordshire, England. He died in 1656 in , Oxfordshire, England. Thomas married (MRIN:63562) Joane WILSON-163564.

Other marriages:


Joane WILSON-163564 was born on 25 Dec 1590 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England. She died on 24 Sep 1656 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England. Joane married (MRIN:63562) Thomas ALLEY-161109.

They had the following children.

  M i
Thomas Hill Dunbridge ALLEY-115323 was born on 1 Jun 1612 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England. He died on 30 Dec 1668 in Dymock, Gloucestershire, England.

Charlie HARDY-190345 was born about 1872. Charlie married (MRIN:63564) Rosa MADDOX-190325.

Rosa MADDOX [Parents]-190325 was born about 1872. Rosa married (MRIN:63564) Charlie HARDY-190345.

FORTSON-190346 was born about 1875. FORTSON married (MRIN:63565) Callie Doris MADDOX-190338.

Callie Doris MADDOX [Parents]-190338 was born about 1878. Callie married (MRIN:63565) FORTSON-190346.

They had the following children.

  M i
Clinton FORTSON-190347 was born about 1916 in , Oglethorpe, Georgia.

GRANTHAM-190348 was born about 1884. GRANTHAM married (MRIN:63566) Pollie MADDOX-190341.

Pollie MADDOX [Parents]-190341 was born about 1884. Pollie married (MRIN:63566) GRANTHAM-190348.

VAUGHN-190349 was born about 1886. VAUGHN married (MRIN:63567) Eva MADDOX-190342.

Eva MADDOX [Parents]-190342 was born about 1886. Eva married (MRIN:63567) VAUGHN-190349.

COVINGTON-190350 was born about 1888. COVINGTON married (MRIN:63568) Nora MADDOX-190343.

Nora MADDOX [Parents]-190343 was born about 1888. Nora married (MRIN:63568) COVINGTON-190350.

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