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FORTSON was born about 1875. FORTSON married Callie Doris MADDOX.

Callie Doris MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1878. Callie married FORTSON.

They had the following children.

  M i
Clinton FORTSON was born about 1916 in , Oglethorpe, Georgia.

GRANTHAM was born about 1884. GRANTHAM married Pollie MADDOX.

Pollie MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1884. Pollie married GRANTHAM.

VAUGHN was born about 1886. VAUGHN married Eva MADDOX.

Eva MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1886. Eva married VAUGHN.

COVINGTON was born about 1888. COVINGTON married Nora MADDOX.

Nora MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1888. Nora married COVINGTON.

John Thomas MADDOX [Parents] was born on 30 Jan 1842 in , Jackson, Georgia. He died in Jul 1913 in , Jackson, Georgia. John married Rebecca Josephine CARTER in Jan 1865 in , Jackson, Georgia.

Rebecca Josephine CARTER was born on 26 May 1844 in , Jackson, Georgia. She died on 26 Dec 1906 in , Jackson, Georgia. Rebecca married John Thomas MADDOX in Jan 1865 in , Jackson, Georgia.

They had the following children.

  M i Charlie MADDOX was born about 1864.
  F ii
Minnie L. MADDOX was born on 6 Dec 1866 in , Jackson, Georgia. She died on 18 Oct 1883 in , Jackson, Georgia.
  F iii
S. E. MADDOX was born on 15 Dec 1867. She died on 24 Nov 1869 in , Jackson, Georgia.
  M iv Grisham Mumford MADDOX was born in 1870.
  F v Fannie MADDOX was born about 1871.
  F vi
Nelia MADDOX was born about 1872.
  F vii Jessie MADDOX was born about 1875.
  M viii
M. D. MADDOX was born on 28 Feb 1876. He died on 6 Jan 1877 in , Jackson, Georgia.
  F ix
Lenora MADDOX was born about 1878.
  M x Willie MADDOX was born about 1882.
  F xi
E. E. MADDOX was born on 22 Dec 1883 in , Jackson, Georgia. She died on 7 Jul 1884 in , Jackson, Georgia.
  F xii Mamie MADDOX was born about 1884.
  M xiii
T. L. MADDOX was born on 6 Dec 1885. He died on 1 Apr 1900 in , Jackson, Georgia.
  F xiv Bernice MADDOX was born about 1886.

Charlie MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1864. Charlie married GRISSOM.

GRISSOM was born about 1864. GRISSOM married Charlie MADDOX.

Grisham Mumford MADDOX [Parents] was born in 1870 in , , Georgia. Grisham married Dora Mae HUTCHINS.

Dora Mae HUTCHINS was born in 1876. Dora married Grisham Mumford MADDOX.

GRIMES was born about 1871. GRIMES married Fannie MADDOX.

Fannie MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1871. Fannie married GRIMES.

MINISH was born about 1875. MINISH married Jessie MADDOX.

Jessie MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1875. Jessie married MINISH.

Willie MADDOX [Parents] was born about 1882. Willie married ADAIR.

ADAIR was born about 1882. ADAIR married Willie MADDOX.

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