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Earl Jones Genealogy

James R. ALLEY [Parents]-190260 was born in 1866 in , , Tennessee. He died in Port Royal, Montgomery, Tennessee. James married (MRIN:63540) Carrie ALLEY-190264.

Other marriages:
, Mattie N.

Carrie ALLEY-190264 was born in 1874. Carrie married (MRIN:63540) James R. ALLEY-190260.

W. Ernest ALLEY [Parents]-190261 was born in 1869 in Turnertown, Robertson, Tennessee. He died on 30 Oct 1924 in Port Royal, Montgomery, Tennessee. W. Ernest ALLEY married (MRIN:63541) Minnie L. WILKERSON-190265 on 24 Nov 1896.

Minnie L. WILKERSON-190265 was born in 1875 in , , Tennessee. Minnie married (MRIN:63541) W. Ernest ALLEY-190261 on 24 Nov 1896.

They had the following children.

  M i
Robert M. ALLEY-190266 was born in 1898 in , , Tennessee.

Mark CHAMBLESS-190267 was born about 1813. Mark married (MRIN:63542) Mary ALLEY-163476 in 1844.

Mary ALLEY [Parents]-163476 was born about 1818. Mary married (MRIN:63542) Mark CHAMBLESS-190267 in 1844.

Erasmus A. ALLEY [Parents]-163475 was born about 1820. Erasmus married (MRIN:63543) Tennessee HENSON-190268.

Tennessee HENSON-190268 was born about 1827. Tennessee married (MRIN:63543) Erasmus A. ALLEY-163475.

They had the following children.

  M i John ALLEY-190269 was born in 1852.

John ALLEY [Parents]-190269 was born in 1852 in , , Missouri. John married (MRIN:63544) Leah E. TYSON-190270 in 1878.

Leah E. TYSON-190270 was born in 1861 in , , Missouri. Leah married (MRIN:63544) John ALLEY-190269 in 1878.

They had the following children.

  M i
E. O. ALLEY-190271 was born in 1880 in , , Missouri.
  F ii
Emma C. ALLEY-190272 was born in 1883 in , , Missouri.
  F iii
Gertrude ALLEY-190273 was born in 1885 in , , Missouri.

George W. CAUDLE-190274 was born about 1815. George married (MRIN:63545) Middy ALLEY-163478 in 1845.

Middy ALLEY [Parents]-163478 was born about 1824. Middy married (MRIN:63545) George W. CAUDLE-190274 in 1845.

Herbert ALLEY [Parents]-115325 was born in 1769 in , Brunswick, Virginia. He died on 8 Apr 1839 in , , Tennessee. Herbert married (MRIN:63546) Dorothy PEARSON-190275.

Other marriages:
, Polly

Dorothy PEARSON-190275 was born about 1795 in , , Virginia. Dorothy married (MRIN:63546) Herbert ALLEY-115325.

They had the following children.

  F i Tabitha G. ALLEY-190276 was born in 1805.

Logan GRAY-190277 was born on 29 Dec 1806 in Roanoke, Virginia. He died on 27 Aug 1889 in Hensleytown, , Tennessee. Logan married (MRIN:63547) Tabitha G. ALLEY-190276 on 6 Sep 1832 in , Brunswick, Virgninia.

Tabitha G. ALLEY [Parents]-190276 was born in 1805 in , Brunswick, Virgninia. Tabitha married (MRIN:63547) Logan GRAY-190277 on 6 Sep 1832 in , Brunswick, Virgninia.

They had the following children.

  M i
T. L. GRAY-190278 was born about 1830.
  M ii
William James GRAY-190279 was born on 28 Jun 1835 in Roanoke, Virginia.

James ALLEY [Parents]-190280 was born about 1770 in , , Virginia. He died in 1822 in , , Tennessee. James married (MRIN:63548) Ann-190284 in 1803.

Ann-190284 was born about 1779 in , , Virginia. Ann married (MRIN:63548) James ALLEY-190280 in 1803.

They had the following children.

  M i Nathaniel J. ALLEY-190285 was born in 1803.
  M ii
Miles ALLEY-190286 was born about 1805 in , , Virginia.
  F iii Martha N. ALLEY-190287 was born about 1807.
  F iv Elizabeth G. ALLEY-190288 was born about 1809.
  F v Tabitha G. ALLEY-190289 was born about 1810.
  M vi Robert A. ALLEY-190290 was born about 1813. He died in 1850.
  F vii
Nancy J. ALLEY-190291 was born about 1814 in , , Virginia.
  M viii
Joseph A. ALLEY-190292 was born about 1815 in , , Virginia.

Nathaniel J. ALLEY [Parents]-190285 was born in 1803 in , , Virginia. He died in , Robertson, Tennessee. Nathaniel married (MRIN:63549) Ann T. HERRING-190293.

Ann T. HERRING-190293 was born in 1813 in , Rutherford, North Carolina. She died in , Robertson, Tennessee. Ann married (MRIN:63549) Nathaniel J. ALLEY-190285.

They had the following children.

  F i Sarah Ann ALLEY-190294 was born on 22 Feb 1833. She died on 4 Jun 1891.
  M ii
Joseph J. ALLEY-190295 was born in 1836 in , , Tennessee.
  M iii
Robert ALLEY-190296 was born in 1838 in , , Tennessee.
  M iv
Sterling ALLEY-190297 was born in 1845 in , , Tennessee.
  F v
Nancy E. ALLEY-190298 was born in 1847 in , , Alabama.

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