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John EARNEST. John married Della BONNER.

Della BONNER [Parents] was born on 1 Feb 1885. She died on 12 May 1932. Della married John EARNEST.

Jim HANDLEY. Jim married Ella BONNER.

Ella BONNER [Parents] was born on 25 Aug 1888. Ella married Jim HANDLEY.

Arthur BONNER [Parents] was born on 10 Dec 1890. Arthur married Mae LOCKARD.

Mae LOCKARD. Mae married Arthur BONNER.

Burk HANDLEY. Burk married Ader BONNER.

Ader BONNER [Parents] was born on 17 Feb 1893. She died on 7 Jul 1935. Ader married Burk HANDLEY.

Charlie BONNER [Parents] was born on 2 Dec 1895. He died on 10 Nov 1953. Charlie married Clara FERRTER.

Clara FERRTER. Clara married Charlie BONNER.

Foster BONNER [Parents] was born on 31 Jan 1897 in , , Alabama. He died on 22 Aug 1945 in Fayette, Fayette, Alabama. Foster married Etta JONES in 1917.

Etta JONES [Parents] was born on 28 Jun 1900 in Fayette, Fayette, Alabama. She died on 2 Nov 1918. Etta married Foster BONNER in 1917.

Victor BONNER [Parents] was born on 17 Nov 1903. He died on 20 Sep 1980. Victor married Velma MULLINAX on 4 Apr 1922.

Velma MULLINAX. Velma married Victor BONNER on 4 Apr 1922.

They had the following children.

  M ii Archie Clemets BONNER was born on 22 Apr 1924.
  M iii BONNER.
  F iv Lois Geneva BONNER was born on 26 Sep 1927. She died on 6 Mar 1980.
  M vi
Arlie Monroe BONNER was born on 12 Nov 1930. He died on 11 Mar 1933.
  M vii BONNER.

BONNER [Parents]. BONNER married ROBERTS.


Archie Clemets BONNER [Parents] was born on 22 Apr 1924. Archie married Earnsteen JONES on 22 May 1946.

Earnsteen JONES. Earnsteen married Archie Clemets BONNER on 22 May 1946.

BONNER [Parents]. BONNER married Myre Jean NICHOLS.

Myre Jean NICHOLS. Myre married BONNER.

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