Earl Jones Genealogy

SMITH-176316. SMITH married (MRIN:59339) Joyce ABBOTT-176315.

Joyce ABBOTT [Parents]-176315. Joyce married (MRIN:59339) SMITH-176316.

They had the following children.

  M i
Lonnie SMITH-176322.

C. E. "Pop" SLAPE-176317. C. E. "Pop" SLAPE married (MRIN:59340) Alice-176318.

Alice-176318. Alice married (MRIN:59340) C. E. "Pop" SLAPE-176317.

They had the following children.

  F i Lydia M. SLAPE-176080.

SANDERS-176319. SANDERS married (MRIN:59341) Lavon ABBOTT-176313.

Lavon ABBOTT [Parents]-176313. Lavon married (MRIN:59341) SANDERS-176319.

They had the following children.

  M i
Kenny SANDERS-176321.

David ABBOTT [Parents]-176314. David married (MRIN:59342) Elaine-176320.

Elaine-176320. Elaine married (MRIN:59342) David ABBOTT-176314.

Odis Elmo ROBERTS [Parents]-12214 was born on 28 Apr 1899 in Indian Territory, Ada, Oklahoma. He died on 1 Apr 1971 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. He was buried on 4 Apr 1971 in Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. Odis married (MRIN:59343) Callie-176323.

Other marriages:
ROLSTON, Bessie Bell


Callie-176323. Callie married (MRIN:59343) Odis Elmo ROBERTS-12214.


Thomas Edwrd NOBLETT-176325. Thomas married (MRIN:59344) Mary Anne PIERCE .-176326.

Mary Anne PIERCE .-176326. Mary married (MRIN:59344) Thomas Edwrd NOBLETT-176325.

They had the following children.

  F i Alice Jane "Doll" NOBLETT-80727 was born on 17 Jun 1901. She died in Sep 1940.

John George HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] [scrapbook]-80729 was born on 13 Apr 1933 in Ballythomas, Calbridge County, Kildare, Ireland. John married (MRIN:59345) UNKNOWN-176327.

UNKNOWN-176327 was born in 1929. UNKNOWN married (MRIN:59345) John George HOLLINGSWORTH-80729.

John HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-175722 was born on 1 Nov 1871 in Tinnahask, Arklow, Wickoow, Ireland. He died in Drowned in Liverpool. He was buried in Old Kilbride Cemetery, , Ireland. John married (MRIN:59346) Mary-176330.

Mary-176330 died on 12 Jun 1918. Mary married (MRIN:59346) John HOLLINGSWORTH-175722.

Paul JACKSON "Sr"-176331 was born on 4 Apr 1906 in , , Pennsylvania. He died on 27 Nov 1982 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. Paul married (MRIN:59347) Delia Mae EXUM-237295.

Delia Mae EXUM [Parents]-237295 was born on 27 Sep 1910 in , , Texas. She died on 3 Jun 1995 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. She was buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas. Delia married (MRIN:59347) Paul JACKSON "Sr"-176331.

They had the following children.

  M i
Paul JACKSON "Jr"-237296 was born on 23 Jun 1930 in Severs, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. He died on 3 Dec 1995 in Port Arthur, Jefferson, Texas.
  M ii Charles Edwin "Chuck" JACKSON-24 was born on 1 Jul 1933. He died on 27 Jun 2007.

James Earl "Slim" GRAY "Sr" [Parents] [scrapbook]-16 was born on 7 Oct 1923 in Parker Community, Burleson, Texas. He died on 25 Nov 2010 in Sacramento, Sacramento, California. James was baptized on 23 May 2013 in the Albuquerque New Mexico temple. James married (MRIN:59348) Bonnie-176332.

Other marriages:
JONES, Katherine Mayetta


Bonnie-176332 was born about 1935. Bonnie married (MRIN:59348) James Earl "Slim" GRAY "Sr"-16.

Other marriages:
JACKSON, Charles Edwin "Chuck"

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