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Earl Jones Genealogy

Dossie NEWTON-176297. Dossie married (MRIN:59331) Holly CORVIN-176296.

Holly CORVIN [Parents]-176296. Holly married (MRIN:59331) Dossie NEWTON-176297.

Andy MURRAY [Parents]-176293. Andy married (MRIN:59332) Joelirta-176298.

Joelirta-176298. Joelirta married (MRIN:59332) Andy MURRAY-176293.

Fred BOPP-176301. Fred married (MRIN:59333) Cleo MURRAY-176300.

Cleo MURRAY [Parents]-176300. Cleo married (MRIN:59333) Fred BOPP-176301.

Leonard HICKEY-176303. Leonard married (MRIN:59334) Donna MURRAY-176302.

Donna MURRAY [Parents]-176302. Donna married (MRIN:59334) Leonard HICKEY-176303.

WEBB-176305. WEBB married (MRIN:59335) Linda CORVIN-176304.

Linda CORVIN [Parents]-176304. Linda married (MRIN:59335) WEBB-176305.

MILLER-176307. MILLER married (MRIN:59336) Sharon CORVIN-176306.

Sharon CORVIN [Parents]-176306. Sharon married (MRIN:59336) MILLER-176307.

ROGERS-176309. ROGERS married (MRIN:59337) Gwen CORVIN-176308.

Gwen CORVIN [Parents]-176308. Gwen married (MRIN:59337) ROGERS-176309.

Ted ARCHER-176312. Ted married (MRIN:59338) Bertha WARNOCK-176311.

Bertha WARNOCK [Parents]-176311. Bertha married (MRIN:59338) Ted ARCHER-176312.

SMITH-176316. SMITH married (MRIN:59339) Joyce ABBOTT-176315.

Joyce ABBOTT [Parents]-176315. Joyce married (MRIN:59339) SMITH-176316.

They had the following children.

  M i
Lonnie SMITH-176322.

C. E. "Pop" SLAPE-176317. C. E. "Pop" SLAPE married (MRIN:59340) Alice-176318.

Alice-176318. Alice married (MRIN:59340) C. E. "Pop" SLAPE-176317.

They had the following children.

  F i Lydia M. SLAPE-176080.

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