Earl Jones Genealogy

BAILEY-176192. BAILEY married (MRIN:59279) Dorothy HOLLINGSWORTH-176191.

Dorothy HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-176191. Dorothy married (MRIN:59279) BAILEY-176192.

LONG-176194. LONG married (MRIN:59280) Jean HOLLINGSWORTH-176193.

Jean HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-176193. Jean married (MRIN:59280) LONG-176194.

PUTMAN-176195. PUTMAN married (MRIN:59281) Doris Kathryn CORVIN-136017.

Doris Kathryn CORVIN [Parents]-136017. Doris married (MRIN:59281) PUTMAN-176195.


Cecil Dewey Andrew CORVIN "Jr" [Parents]-57898 was born on 19 Nov 1951 in Vacaville, Solano, California. He died on 22 Jul 2007 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. Cecil married (MRIN:59282) Katherine "Kathy" Elain-176198 on 2 Oct 1999 in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.


Katherine "Kathy" Elain-176198 was born about 1953. Katherine married (MRIN:59282) Cecil Dewey Andrew CORVIN "Jr"-57898 on 2 Oct 1999 in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.

They had the following children.

  M i Kevin Reed CORVIN-176247.
  M ii Thomas Burden CORVIN-176249.
  F iii Shawn Dell CORVIN-176251.

HALL-176199. HALL married (MRIN:59283) Evelyn Jean CORVIN-57899.

Evelyn Jean CORVIN [Parents]-57899 was born about Jan 1949 in Valley View Hospital, Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. Evelyn married (MRIN:59283) HALL-176199.

They had the following children.

  F i Jerri HALL-176245.

TIMMS-176200. TIMMS married (MRIN:59284) Tina CORVIN-57900.

Tina CORVIN [Parents]-57900. Tina married (MRIN:59284) TIMMS-176200.

Kevin Reed CORVIN [Parents]-57901. Kevin married (MRIN:59285) Peggy-176201.

Peggy-176201. Peggy married (MRIN:59285) Kevin Reed CORVIN-57901.

Gayland HAYSUP-176202. Gayland married (MRIN:59286) Veleta Jean MURRAY-57897.

Veleta Jean MURRAY [Parents]-57897 was born on 10 Jun 1930 in Mount Pleasant, Titus, Texas. She died on 4 Feb 2007 in Roosevelt, Kiowa, Oklahoma. She was buried in Roosevelt Cemetery, Roosevelt, Kiowa, Oklahoma. Veleta married (MRIN:59286) Gayland HAYSUP-176202.

Other marriages:
CORVIN, Cecil Dewey Andrew "Sr"

Preston ABBOTT [Parents] [scrapbook]-176073 was born on 3 Jan 1917 in Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. He died on 20 Sep 2005 in At Home in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma. Preston married (MRIN:59287) Georgia Marie WARNOCK-176082 on 5 Dec 1938 in , Seminole, Oklahoma.

Georgia Marie WARNOCK [Parents] [scrapbook]-176082 was born on 21 Jun 1920 in Maud, Seminole, Oklahoma. She died on 31 Oct 2005. Georgia married (MRIN:59287) Preston ABBOTT-176073 on 5 Dec 1938 in , Seminole, Oklahoma.


They had the following children.

  F i Lavon ABBOTT-176313.
  F ii Joyce ABBOTT-176315.
  F iii Mary ABBOTT-176242.
  M iv David ABBOTT-176314.

Walter L. WARNOCK-176081. Walter married (MRIN:59288) Lydia M. SLAPE-176080.

Lydia M. SLAPE [Parents]-176080. Lydia married (MRIN:59288) Walter L. WARNOCK-176081.

They had the following children.

  F i Georgia Marie WARNOCK-176082 was born on 21 Jun 1920. She died on 31 Oct 2005.
  F ii Bertha WARNOCK-176311.

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