Earl Jones Genealogy

Asa Bush "Ace" SEDWICK [Parents] [scrapbook]-130471 was born on 27 Apr 1904 in Austin, Travis, Texas. He died on 15 Oct 1973 in Austin, Travis, Texas. Asa married (MRIN:59246) Reba HARPER-176123.

Other marriages:

Reba HARPER-176123 was born about 1905. Reba married (MRIN:59246) Asa Bush "Ace" SEDWICK-130471.

They had the following children.

  F i
Bettie Marie SEDWICK-176124 was born in 1928.

George F. HAND-176125. George married (MRIN:59247) Naomi Ruth HOLLINGSWORTH-130470.

Naomi Ruth HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents] [scrapbook]-130470 was born on 20 Mar 1914 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas. She died on 30 Jun 2008 in Livingston, Polk, Texas. Naomi married (MRIN:59247) George F. HAND-176125.

Other marriages:
SEDWICK, Asa Bush "Ace"

William Riley WHITT-176128 was born on 25 Jun 1866 in , Tazewell, Virginia. William married (MRIN:59248) Nancy Jane "Nanny" MAY-176129.

Nancy Jane "Nanny" MAY-176129 was born on 1 Oct 1872 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery, Kentucky. Nancy married (MRIN:59248) William Riley WHITT-176128.

They had the following children.

  F i Delia WHITT-130469 was born on 24 Oct 1890. She died on 6 Mar 1979.

Robert Harold KOENIG-176131. Robert married (MRIN:59249) SEDWICK-176130.

SEDWICK [Parents]-176130. SEDWICK married (MRIN:59249) Robert Harold KOENIG-176131.

Jesse Jack SEDWICK [Parents]-176126 was born on 11 Apr 1940 in , Tavis, Texas. Jesse married (MRIN:59250) AHRENS-176132.

AHRENS-176132 was born about 1942. AHRENS married (MRIN:59250) Jesse Jack SEDWICK-176126.

Roy Douglas SEDWICK [Parents]-176127 was born on 3 Oct 1944 in , Tavis, Texas. Roy married (MRIN:59251) BERTRAM-176133.

BERTRAM-176133. BERTRAM married (MRIN:59251) Roy Douglas SEDWICK-176127.

Charles H. HOLLINGSWORTH "Sr" [Parents]-176134 was born about 1933. He died on 11 Sep 2008. He was buried in Eure Christian Church Cemetery, Gatesville, North Carolina. Charles married (MRIN:59252) Gloria F.-176135.


Gloria F.-176135. Gloria married (MRIN:59252) Charles H. HOLLINGSWORTH "Sr"-176134.

They had the following children.

  M i Charles H. HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr"-176136.
  M ii Steven D. HOLLINGSWORTH-176138.
  F iii
Charlotte M. HOLLINGSWORTH-176140.
  F iv Deborah A. HOLLINGSWORTH-176141.
  F v Karen L. HOLLINGSWORTH-176143.

Charles H. HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr" [Parents]-176136. Charles married (MRIN:59253) Stella-176137.

Stella-176137. Stella married (MRIN:59253) Charles H. HOLLINGSWORTH "Jr"-176136.

Steven D. HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-176138. Steven married (MRIN:59254) Lois-176139.

Lois-176139. Lois married (MRIN:59254) Steven D. HOLLINGSWORTH-176138.

Mark FOWLER-176142. Mark married (MRIN:59255) Deborah A. HOLLINGSWORTH-176141.

Deborah A. HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-176141. Deborah married (MRIN:59255) Mark FOWLER-176142.

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