Earl Jones Genealogy

William EVANS-174000. William married (MRIN:58567) Esther "Hester" NICHOLS-37701.

Esther "Hester" NICHOLS [Parents]-37701 was born in 1636/1643 in , , England. She died on 10 Mar 1693 in Charles, Maryland. Esther married (MRIN:58567) William EVANS-174000.

Other marriages:
SMALLWOOD, James Matthew "I"

John NICHOLS-174001. John married (MRIN:58568) Ann-174002.


Ann-174002. Ann married (MRIN:58568) John NICHOLS-174001.

They had the following children.

  F i Esther "Hester" NICHOLS-37701 was born in 1636/1643. She died on 10 Mar 1693.

James ANDERSON-174004 was born in 1790. James married (MRIN:58569) Anne MADDOX-277270.

Anne MADDOX [Parents]-277270 was born in 1790 in , Fauquire, Virginia. She died on 15 Jun 1870 in Bethel, Miami, Ohio. Anne married (MRIN:58569) James ANDERSON-174004.

Louis Levi AVRITT [Parents]-115547 was born on 14 Jan 1904 in Dale, Pottawatomie( Indian Territory), Oklahoma. He died on 21 Jan 1987 in Seal Beach, Orange, California. Louis married (MRIN:58570) Elsie Marie MOYER-174006.

Elsie Marie MOYER [Parents]-174006 was born on 26 Nov 1908 in , , Pennsylvania. She died on 17 May 1995 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California. Elsie married (MRIN:58570) Louis Levi AVRITT-115547.

MOYER-174007. MOYER married (MRIN:58571) MAURER-174008.

MAURER-174008. MAURER married (MRIN:58571) MOYER-174007.

They had the following children.

  F i Elsie Marie MOYER-174006 was born on 26 Nov 1908. She died on 17 May 1995.

James G. TRUE-174012. James married (MRIN:58572) Vida Vivian AVRITT-115546.

Vida Vivian AVRITT [Parents]-115546 was born on 17 Jul 1902 in Dale, Pottawatomie( Indian Territory), Oklahoma. She died on 17 Nov 1974 in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma. Vida married (MRIN:58572) James G. TRUE-174012.

Lester Gon AVRITT [Parents]-115548 was born on 15 Mar 1906 in , , Oklahoma. He died on 5 Oct 1984 in San Diego, San Diego, California. Lester married (MRIN:58573) Goldia Angeline SEAMANS-174013.

Goldia Angeline SEAMANS-174013 was born on 22 Oct 1905 in Barber, Logan, Arkansas. She died on 9 Jul 2001 in San Diego, San Diego, California. Goldia married (MRIN:58573) Lester Gon AVRITT-115548.

They had the following children.

  M i
Gary Wayne AVRITT-174014 was born on 20 Jul 1933 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. He died on 24 Jan 1981 in San Diego, San Diego, California.

Frederick John P. MALLON-174015. Frederick married (MRIN:58574) Ina Mae "Mimi" AVRITT-115549.

Ina Mae "Mimi" AVRITT [Parents]-115549 was born on 12 Oct 1908 in Dequincy, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. She died on 16 Oct 1996 in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma. Ina married (MRIN:58574) Frederick John P. MALLON-174015.

Joe Philo CURB-174016. Joe married (MRIN:58575) Frances Elizabeth AVRITT-115545.

Frances Elizabeth AVRITT [Parents]-115545 was born on 22 Sep 1910 in Arlberg, Stone, Arkansas. She died on 6 Jan 2007 in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma. Frances married (MRIN:58575) Joe Philo CURB-174016.

Edward King HOFFMAN-174017. Edward married (MRIN:58576) Thelma Sayre AVRITT-174009.

Thelma Sayre AVRITT [Parents]-174009 was born on 4 Jan 1913 in Doxey, Beckham, Oklahoma. She died on 25 Mar 2004 in Colorado Springs, , Colorado. Thelma married (MRIN:58576) Edward King HOFFMAN-174017.

Other marriages:
MOORE, Glen F.

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