Earl Jones Genealogy

Robert A. BURKETT-171321 was born on 24 Oct 1924. Robert married (MRIN:57896) Trula Mae KUYKENDALL-171312 on 28 Jun 1980 in Archer City, Archer, Texas.

Trula Mae KUYKENDALL [Parents]-171312 was born on 13 Jun 1920 in Knox, Texas. She died on 15 Jan 1999 in Olney, Young, Texas. Trula married (MRIN:57896) Robert A. BURKETT-171321 on 28 Jun 1980 in Archer City, Archer, Texas.

Holden BLAND-171322 was born on 28 Jul 1915. He died on 5 May 1987 in Castro, Texas. Holden married (MRIN:57897) Margaret D. KUYKENDALL-171313.

Margaret D. KUYKENDALL [Parents]-171313 was born on 29 Jan 1923 in , , Texas. Margaret married (MRIN:57897) Holden BLAND-171322.

Merle GARDNER-171323. Merle married (MRIN:57898) Cora Bell KUYKENDALL-171314.

Cora Bell KUYKENDALL [Parents]-171314 was born on 2 Sep 1929 in Knox, Texas. She died on 18 Feb 1981 in Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas. Cora married (MRIN:57898) Merle GARDNER-171323.

David Claude ENGLAND-171325 was born on 12 Apr 1850 in , Marion, Illinois. He died on 23 Dec 1918 in Spencerville, Choctaw, Oklahoma. David married (MRIN:57899) Amanda C. KUYKENDALL-49573 on 25 Jun 1875 in , Crawford, Arkansas.

Amanda C. KUYKENDALL [Parents]-49573 was born on 2 Mar 1856 in , Polk, Arkansas. She died in 11 Decv 1923 in Spencerville, Choctaw, Oklahoma. Amanda married (MRIN:57899) David Claude ENGLAND-171325 on 25 Jun 1875 in , Crawford, Arkansas.

They had the following children.

  F i
Nora Amanda ENGLAND-223634.

Vernon A. SPEARS [Parents]-108334 was born on 5 Nov 1914 in , Newton, Arkansas. He died on 1 Jul 1965 in , Stanislaus, California. Vernon married (MRIN:57900) A. BRADEN-171328.

Other marriages:

A. BRADEN-171328. A. BRADEN married (MRIN:57900) Vernon A. SPEARS-108334.

Frank-171329. Frank married (MRIN:57901) Wanda Jean SPEARS-109877.

Wanda Jean SPEARS [Parents]-109877 was born about 1918 in , , Oklahoma. Wanda married (MRIN:57901) Frank-171329.

James Winton KING-166115 was born on 18 Nov 1899. He died on 19 May 1993. James married (MRIN:57902) Doschie Maude LEFTWICH-218724 on 18 Apr 1935.

Doschie Maude LEFTWICH [Parents]-218724 was born on 11 Feb 1911 in Huddleston, Bedford, Virginias. She died on 10 Nov 1993 in Bonsack, Roanoke, Virginia. Doschie married (MRIN:57902) James Winton KING-166115 on 18 Apr 1935.

They had the following children.

  F i
  F ii

James M. MOOR-171340 died before 1836. James married (MRIN:57903) Mary KUYKENDALL-171339.

Mary KUYKENDALL [Parents]-171339 was born in 1801 in , Buncombe, North Carolina. She died in 1867 in Old, Forsyth, North Carolina. Mary was sealed to her parents on 7 Dec 2011 in the The Gila Valley Arizona temple. She was baptized on 19 Mar 2010 in the Recife Brazil temple. She was endowed on 24 Apr 2010 in the Salt Lake Utah temple. Mary married (MRIN:57903) James M. MOOR-171340.

Martin JACKSON-171342. Martin married (MRIN:57904) Elizabeth KUYKENDALL-171341.

Elizabeth KUYKENDALL [Parents]-171341 was born in 1807 in , Buncombe, North Carolina. She died in 1846. Elizabeth married (MRIN:57904) Martin JACKSON-171342.

James Henry Marion KUYKENDALL [Parents]-171343 was born on 21 Feb 1844 in Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi. He died on 23 Dec 1918 in Jackson, Madison, Tennessee. He was buried in Jackson, Madison, Tennessee. James married (MRIN:57905) Sarah Jane LONG-324687.


Sarah Jane LONG-324687 was born on 15 May 1853 in , , South Carolina. She died on 14 Dec 1909 in Ripley, Lauderdalr, Tennessee. Sarah married (MRIN:57905) James Henry Marion KUYKENDALL-171343.

They had the following children.

  M i William Henry "Will" KUYKENDALL-171344 was born on 14 Dec 1874. He died on 16 Sep 1957.

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