Earl Jones Genealogy

Louis Alexander PORTER [Parents]-164668 was born on 19 Dec 1888 in Lincoln, Kansas. Louis married (MRIN:55779) Veda Mary LUCAS-164669 on 11 Jul 1925.

Veda Mary LUCAS-164669 was born in 1903 in , , Kansas. She died in May 1988 in Jackson, Oregon. Veda married (MRIN:55779) Louis Alexander PORTER-164668 on 11 Jul 1925.

Thomas GENNET-164674 was born in 1760. Thomas married (MRIN:55780) Jenny "Genny" ALLEY-164673 in 1793.

Jenny "Genny" ALLEY [Parents]-164673 was born in 1768 in , Henrico, Virginia. Jenny married (MRIN:55780) Thomas GENNET-164674 in 1793.

Barton SMOOT-164676 was born in 1765 in , , Maryland. Barton married (MRIN:55781) Mary ALLEY-164675 in 1798 in , , Virginia.

Mary ALLEY [Parents]-164675 was born in 1764 in , Henrico, Virginia. Mary married (MRIN:55781) Barton SMOOT-164676 in 1798 in , , Virginia.

Elija MITCHELL-164677 was born in 1758. Elija married (MRIN:55782) Nancy ALLEY-164678 in 1786.

Nancy ALLEY [Parents]-164678 was born in 1767 in , Henrico, Virginia. Nancy married (MRIN:55782) Elija MITCHELL-164677 in 1786.

William ALLEY "Jr" [Parents]-164679 was born in 1770 in , Henrico, Virginia. He died in 1847. William married (MRIN:55783) Sally AKERS-164680 in 1816.

Sally AKERS-164680 was born in 1783. Sally married (MRIN:55783) William ALLEY "Jr"-164679 in 1816.

Thomas H. ALLEY [Parents]-163435 was born in 1776 in , Henrico, Virginia. He died in Aug 1860 in , Henrico, Virginia. Thomas married (MRIN:55784) Elizabeth RICE-164681 in 1829.

Other marriages:

Elizabeth RICE [Parents]-164681 was born in 1796 in , Caswell, North Carolina. She died in 1853 in , McNairy, Tennessee. Elizabeth married (MRIN:55784) Thomas H. ALLEY-163435 in 1829.

Jeptha RICE [Parents]-164682 was born in 1763 in , Albermarle, Virginia. He died in 1822 in , Sumner, Tennessee. Jeptha married (MRIN:55785) Nancy JOUETT-317957 on 19 Aug 1784 in , Caswell, North Carolina.

Nancy JOUETT-317957 was born in 1762 in , Caswell, North Carolina. She died on 19 Oct 1844 in , Sumner, Tennessee. Nancy married (MRIN:55785) Jeptha RICE-164682 on 19 Aug 1784 in , Caswell, North Carolina.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth RICE-164681 was born in 1796. She died in 1853.

Jesse Lee ALLEY [Parents]-162016 was born on 7 Mar 1896 in Shady Grove, Scott, Tennessee. He died on 11 Feb 1976 in Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma. Jesse married (MRIN:55786) UNKNOWN-164686 on 10 Aug 1918.

UNKNOWN-164686. UNKNOWN married (MRIN:55786) Jesse Lee ALLEY-162016 on 10 Aug 1918.

Jesse Marvin ALLEY [Parents]-162173 was born in 1896.

He had the following children.

  M i
Lewis F. ALLEY-164687.

Leondas ALLEY [Parents]-164540 was born on 26 Nov 1827. Leondas married (MRIN:55788) Elizabeth LOCKE-164688 on 6 Jan 1849 in Fayette, Indiana.

Elizabeth LOCKE-164688 was born in 1889. Elizabeth married (MRIN:55788) Leondas ALLEY-164540 on 6 Jan 1849 in Fayette, Indiana.

They had the following children.

  F i
Jimmie ALLEY-164689 was born on 10 Feb 1884.

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