Earl Jones Genealogy

John STEPHENS-164090. John married (MRIN:55561) Sarah ALLEY-164089 in 1808.

Sarah ALLEY [Parents]-164089 was born in 1756 in , , Virginia. Sarah married (MRIN:55561) John STEPHENS-164090 in 1808.

Other marriages:

Carl ORMISTON (SP)-163343. Carl married (MRIN:55562) Theresa Frances ALLEY-67120.

Theresa Frances ALLEY [Parents]-67120 was born on 8 Nov 1916 in Cameron, Marshall, West Virginia. She died on 5 Mar 1986 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas. She was buried in Laural Land Cemetery, , Tarrant, Texas. Theresa married (MRIN:55562) Carl ORMISTON (SP)-163343.

Other marriages:
GAMBONE, Robert J. "Rip"

James Thomas BRADLEY [Parents]-162853 was born about 1934. He died on 6 Mar 1970 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. James married (MRIN:55563) Shirley HAMRICK-164092.

Shirley HAMRICK-164092. Shirley married (MRIN:55563) James Thomas BRADLEY-162853.

Robert FREEMAN-164094. Robert married (MRIN:55564) Betty Rucie BRADLEY-164093.

Betty Rucie BRADLEY [Parents]-164093 was born about 1936. She died on 17 Sep 1991 in , Tarrant, Texas. Betty married (MRIN:55564) Robert FREEMAN-164094.

Norman Charles SCHAEFER [Parents]-114991. Norman married (MRIN:55565) Marlene F. GUSICH-164096.

Other marriages:
ALLEY, Roberta Lou "Betty"

Marlene F. GUSICH-164096 died after 1965. Marlene married (MRIN:55565) Norman Charles SCHAEFER-114991.

They had the following children.

  F i Michelle Lee SCHAEFER-164097.
  M ii
Mark SCHAEFER-164099.
  M iii
Norman Charles SCHAEFER-164100.
  M iv Joseph SCHAEFER-164101.

Larry GARUCCIO-164098. Larry married (MRIN:55566) Michelle Lee SCHAEFER-164097.

Michelle Lee SCHAEFER [Parents]-164097. Michelle married (MRIN:55566) Larry GARUCCIO-164098.

Joseph SCHAEFER [Parents]-164101. Joseph married (MRIN:55567) Amy-164102.

Amy-164102. Amy married (MRIN:55567) Joseph SCHAEFER-164101.

William Acey ALLEY [Parents]-163833 was born on 24 Mar 1864 in Lead Mines, Wythe, Virginia. He died on 17 Dec 1952 in Lead Mines, Wythe, Virginia. William was sealed to his parents on 30 Sep 1992 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple. He was baptized on 18 Sep 1991 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple. He was endowed on 16 Sep 1992 in the Idaho Falls Idaho temple. William married (MRIN:55568) Susie INGO-164104.

Other marriages:
WILLIAMS, Emma Frances


Susie INGO-164104. Susie married (MRIN:55568) William Acey ALLEY-163833.

Other marriages:

WALLER-164105. WALLER married (MRIN:55569) Susie INGO-164104.

Susie INGO-164104. Susie married (MRIN:55569) WALLER-164105.

Other marriages:
ALLEY, William Acey


He had the following children.

  M i Arthur Wade AKERS-163906 was born on 12 Mar 1881. He died in 1955.
  F ii Rousa Alice AKERS-164107.

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