Earl Jones Genealogy

James BRADLEY-66225 died before 1970. James married (MRIN:55264) Kate DOLAN-163344.

Other marriages:
ALLEY, Theresa Frances

Kate DOLAN-163344. Kate married (MRIN:55264) James BRADLEY-66225.

Raymond Perry ALLEY [Parents]-66503 was born in 1884 in , , Kansas. He died in 1969 in , , Nebraska. Raymond married (MRIN:55265) Pearl E. WICKER-163345.

Pearl E. WICKER-163345 was born in 1887 in , , Kansas. Pearl married (MRIN:55265) Raymond Perry ALLEY-66503.

They had the following children.

  F i
Letta ALLEY-163346 was born in 1910 in , , Kansas.
  M ii Ralph Ernest ALLEY-66504.

Lewis Elliot ALLEY [Parents]-163347 was born in 1885 in , , Kansas. He died in 1954 in , , Nebraska. Lewis married (MRIN:55266) Cora HOLLOWAY-163348 in 1906.

Cora HOLLOWAY-163348 was born about 1898. Cora married (MRIN:55266) Lewis Elliot ALLEY-163347 in 1906.

Asa S. HOLLOWAY-163350 was born about 1886. Asa married (MRIN:55267) Nellie Maude ALLEY-163349 in 1906.

Nellie Maude ALLEY [Parents]-163349 was born in 1889 in , , Kansas. She died in 1977 in , , Nebraska. Nellie married (MRIN:55267) Asa S. HOLLOWAY-163350 in 1906.

Joe Wesley ALLEY [Parents]-163351 was born in 1890 in , , Kansas. He died in 1970 in , , Nebraska. Joe married (MRIN:55268) Octavia A. BAKER-163352 in 1912.

Octavia A. BAKER-163352 was born about 1894. Octavia married (MRIN:55268) Joe Wesley ALLEY-163351 in 1912.

Clyde Howard ALLEY [Parents]-163353 was born in 1893 in , , Kansas. He died in 1977. Clyde married (MRIN:55269) Henrietta SCHOLTING-163354 in 1913.

Henrietta SCHOLTING-163354 was born about 1895. Henrietta married (MRIN:55269) Clyde Howard ALLEY-163353 in 1913.

Willis Hobart ALLEY [Parents]-163355 was born in 1895 in , , Kansas. He died in 1978 in , , Nebraska. Willis married (MRIN:55270) Helen L. ADDLEMAN-163356 in 1913.

Helen L. ADDLEMAN-163356 was born about 1896. Helen married (MRIN:55270) Willis Hobart ALLEY-163355 in 1913.

Fred SCHOLTING-163358 was born about 1893. Fred married (MRIN:55271) Pearl McKinley ALLEY-163357 in 1913.

Pearl McKinley ALLEY [Parents]-163357 was born in 1896 in , , Kansas. She died in 1974. Pearl married (MRIN:55271) Fred SCHOLTING-163358 in 1913.

Chester William ALLEY [Parents]-163359 was born in 1898 in , , Nebraska. He died in 1982 in , , Nebraska. Chester married (MRIN:55272) Sally Faye WINTERS-163360 in 1920.

Sally Faye WINTERS-163360 was born in 1902. Sally married (MRIN:55272) Chester William ALLEY-163359 in 1920.

They had the following children.

  F iii
Marie ALLEY-163363 was born on 1 Jul 1926 in Malvern, Mills Iowa. She died on 20 Jul 1999 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska.

James HOLLOWAY-163365 was born in 1836. James married (MRIN:55273) Christian Ann ALLEY-162212 in 1856.

Christian Ann ALLEY [Parents]-162212 was born in 1840 in , , Indiana. Christian married (MRIN:55273) James HOLLOWAY-163365 in 1856.

Other marriages:

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