Earl Jones Genealogy

Charles Creighton COLLINS "Jr" [Parents]-163262 was born on 10 Nov 1926 in , Henderson, North Carolina. He died on 18 Nov 1998 in East Flat Rock, Henderson, North Carolna. Charles married (MRIN:55240) Ruby Faye MOSS-163263.

Ruby Faye MOSS-163263 was born about 1930. Ruby married (MRIN:55240) Charles Creighton COLLINS "Jr"-163262.

Joseph Harrison ALLEY [Parents]-161816 was born on 4 Apr 1837 in Greenbrier, Henrico, Virginia. He died on 26 Oct 1939 in , , Iowa. Joseph married (MRIN:55241) Jane I. HARRIS-163265 in 1858.

Jane I. HARRIS-163265 was born in 1840. Jane married (MRIN:55241) Joseph Harrison ALLEY-161816 in 1858.

They had the following children.

  M i Benton William ALLEY-163561 was born on 13 Apr 1860.
  F ii
Sarah Emma ALLEY-163562 was born on 13 Jan 1866 in , , Oklahoma.[Notes]
  F iii
Nettie ALLEY-164385 was born in 1876 in , , Kansas.
  F iv
Mary Etta “Mettie” ALLEY-163563 was born on 12 Nov 1875 in , , Kansas. She died on 24 Aug 1895 in Afton, Ottawa, Oklahoma.

Virgil Alley MC NEIL [Parents]-162637 was born on 6 Aug 1904 in Dalhart, Dallam, Texas. He died on 11 Jan 1988 in Cherokee Villiage, Sharp, Arkansas. Virgil married (MRIN:55242) Mary Adele MC NEIL-162639.

Other marriages:
MASON, Imogene

Mary Adele MC NEIL [Parents]-162639 was born on 2 Aug 1909 in Nara Visa, , New Mexico. She died on 26 Apr 1995 in Wheaton, Du Page, Illinois. Mary married (MRIN:55242) Virgil Alley MC NEIL-162637.

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

MC NEIL-163374.

WONDERLY-163276. WONDERLY married (MRIN:55243) Charity M. ALLEY-160964.


Charity M. ALLEY [Parents]-160964 was born on 20 Jan 1847 in , Decatur, Indiana. Charity married (MRIN:55243) WONDERLY-163276.

Other marriages:


Charles Hannon ALLEY [Parents]-161472 was born in Apr 1879 in Catlettsburg, Boyd, Kentucky. Charles married (MRIN:55244) Lizzie BOWMAN-163253 in 1903.

Other marriages:
BOWMAN, Lillie

Lizzie BOWMAN-163253. Lizzie married (MRIN:55244) Charles Hannon ALLEY-161472 in 1903.

BROWN-163252. BROWN married (MRIN:55245) Mrs. BROWN-163277.

Mrs. BROWN-163277 died before 2008. Mrs. married (MRIN:55245) BROWN-163252.

They had the following children.

  M i Wilton Douglas BROWN-33045 was born on 12 Oct 1932.

Roy Eugene HALL-176433 was born in , , Indiana. He died in , , Indiana. Roy married (MRIN:55246) Betty Louise HOLLINGSWORTH-176428.

Betty Louise HOLLINGSWORTH [Parents]-176428 was born in , Madison, Indiana. She died in , , Indiana. Betty married (MRIN:55246) Roy Eugene HALL-176433.

John CROW [Parents]-33530 was born in Oct 1837 in , Clark, Arkansas. He died in 1913 in Mt. Moriah, Nevada, Arkansas. He was buried in Mt. Moriah, Nevada, Arkansas. John married (MRIN:55247) Margaret C. DAVIS-163286.

Other marriages:

Margaret C. DAVIS-163286 was born in 1843 in , Clark, Arkansas. She died about 1870 in , Clark, Arkansas. Margaret married (MRIN:55247) John CROW-33530.

They had the following children.

  M i William Edward CROW-138638 was born on 23 Dec 1866. He died on 10 Feb 1910.
  M ii
Emerson Wesley CROW-163285 was born in 1870 in , Clark, Arkansas. He died in 1949.
  F iii
Louisa "Luda" CROW-163284 was born in 1875 in , Clark, Arkansas. She died in 1927.

Matthew MAGNESS-163289. Matthew married (MRIN:55248) Amelia MC MINN-163288.

Amelia MC MINN [Parents]-163288. Amelia married (MRIN:55248) Matthew MAGNESS-163289.

Ronald Kenneth "Ronnie" MC MINN [Parents]-33135 was born on 13 Dec 1947 in , Henderson, North Carolina. Ronald married (MRIN:55249) Christine-139815.

Other marriages:
CORN, Joyce Frances


Christine-139815. Christine married (MRIN:55249) Ronald Kenneth "Ronnie" MC MINN-33135.

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