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Hestor ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1893. Hestor married E. A. PORTER.

E. A. PORTER was born about 1889. E. A. PORTER married Hestor ALLEY.

Zepheniah BRIGHT was born about 1850 in , , Indiana. Zepheniah married Helen J. ALLEY on 26 Nov 1872.

Helen J. ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1854 in Butler Twp, Franklin, Indiana. Helen married Zepheniah BRIGHT on 26 Nov 1872.

Moses SMITH was born in 1855. Moses married Lemontine ALLEY.

Lemontine ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1857 in , , Tennessee. She died in 1916. Lemontine married Moses SMITH.

John GROSHAN was born in 1855. John married Victoria ALLEY.

Victoria ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1859 in , , Tennessee. Victoria married John GROSHAN.

Other marriages:

Joseph BLANKENSHIP was born in 1871 in , , Missouri. Joseph married Amanda E. ALLEY in 1891.

Amanda E. ALLEY [Parents] was born in 1875 in , Mercer, Missouri. Amanda married Joseph BLANKENSHIP in 1891.

Other marriages:
STOOPS, William

William H. ALLEY [Parents] was born on 29 Nov 1806 in Greenbrier, Virginia. He died on 21 Jul 1871 in , Mercer, Missouri. William married Mary Lou "Lulu" JONES on 22 Aug 1830 in , Franklin, Indiana.

Mary Lou "Lulu" JONES [Parents] was born on 12 Aug 1810 in Russell, Virginia. She died in 1882 in Mercer, Mercer, Missouri. Mary married William H. ALLEY on 22 Aug 1830 in , Franklin, Indiana.

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  M i Capt. Hadley Johnson ALLEY was born on 29 May 1833. He died on 10 Jul 1903.
  F ii Sarah Jane ALLEY was born on 10 Jul 1836. She died on 23 Sep 1901.
  M iii Alijah Ashbury ALLEY was born on 12 Oct 1838. He died on 3 Jan 1898.
  F iv
Elizabeth ALLEY was born in 1840 in , , Indiana.
  M v
Elijah ALLEY was born about 1840.
  M vi
William Houston ALLEY was born on 22 May 1842 in , , Missouri. He died on 15 Aug 1863 in Helena, Phillips, Arkansas.
  F vii
Caroline M. ALLEY was born on 19 Jun 1845 in , Mercer, Missouri. She died on 28 Oct 1848 in , Mercer, Missouri.
  M viii James Monroe ALLEY was born on 17 May 1848. He died on 22 Sep 1891.
  F ix Martha Caroline ALLEY was born on 15 Jan 1851. She died on 11 Jun 1888.
  M x John Henry ALLEY “Sr” was born on 7 Apr 1853. He died on 21 May 1924.

BERGMAN. BERGMAN married Wanda Marie REED.

Wanda Marie REED [Parents] died before 2008. Wanda married BERGMAN.

WARREN. WARREN married Sonja REED.

Sonja REED [Parents] died before 2008. Sonja married WARREN.

Keith RADER. Keith married Gwendolyn "Gwen" REED.

Gwendolyn "Gwen" REED [Parents]. Gwendolyn married Keith RADER.


Debra REED [Parents]. Debra married THURSTON.

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