Earl Jones Genealogy

James WASSON-161025 was born in 1858. He died in 1921 in , Decatur, Indiana. James married (MRIN:54463) Elizabeth Ann ALLEY-160971 on 5 Dec 1878 in , Decatur, Indiana.

Elizabeth Ann ALLEY [Parents]-160971 was born on 26 Oct 1860 in , Decatur, Indiana. She died in 1916 in , Decatur, Indiana. Elizabeth married (MRIN:54463) James WASSON-161025 on 5 Dec 1878 in , Decatur, Indiana.

Jonathon Logan ALLEY [Parents]-160973 was born on 27 Sep 1865 in , Decatur, Indiana. He died on 11 Oct 1940. Jonathon married (MRIN:54464) Lucy F. EWING-161027 on 28 Dec 1887.

Lucy F. EWING-161027 was born in 1868. Lucy married (MRIN:54464) Jonathon Logan ALLEY-160973 on 28 Dec 1887.

They had the following children.

  M i
Samuel B. ALLEY-162092 was born about 1888. He died on 12 Jul 1889.
  F ii
Alice E. ALLEY-162093 was born in 1891 in , , Ontario, Canada. She died on 6 Feb 1893.
  M iii Hestor ALLEY-162094 was born in 1893.
  F iv
Gail S. ALLEY-162096 was born in 1895.

Newton HANKS-161028 was born on 14 May 1837. He died before 1915 in , Decatur, Indiana. He was buried in Alley Cemetery, Clifty, Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana. Newton married (MRIN:54465) Mary Emily ALLEY-160963 on 12 Nov 1866 in , Decatur, Indiana.

Mary Emily ALLEY [Parents]-160963 was born on 13 May 1845 in , Decatur, Indiana. She died on 14 Sep 1903 in Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana. Mary married (MRIN:54465) Newton HANKS-161028 on 12 Nov 1866 in , Decatur, Indiana.

Samuel Jay ALLEY "Jr" [Parents]-66507 was born on 1 May 1808 in , Washington, Virginia. He died on 12 Nov 1875 in Rock Bluff, Cass, Nebraska. He was buried in Rock Bluff, Dorchester, Saline, Nebraska. Samuel married (MRIN:54467) Nancy Lum BUNYARD-161034 on 27 Aug 1829 in Brookville, Franklin, Indiana.

Nancy Lum BUNYARD-161034 was born on 21 Oct 1805 in , , Ohio. She died on 21 Nov 1879 in Dorchester, Saline, Nebraska. She was buried in Dorchester, Saline, Nebraska. Nancy married (MRIN:54467) Samuel Jay ALLEY "Jr"-66507 on 27 Aug 1829 in Brookville, Franklin, Indiana.

They had the following children.

  M i Elanson McCarty ALLEY-164405 was born on 10 Sep 1832. He died on 27 Sep 1922.

Solomon ALLEY [Parents]-160995 was born on 25 Oct 1810 in , Scott, Virginia. He died in 1860 in , Decatur, Indiana. Solomon married (MRIN:54468) Catherine GANT-161035 on 13 Aug 1833 in , Franklin, Indiana.

Catherine GANT-161035 was born on 13 Aug 1812 in , Franklin, Indiana. She died in 1850 in , Decatur, Indiana. Catherine married (MRIN:54468) Solomon ALLEY-160995 on 13 Aug 1833 in , Franklin, Indiana.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary ALLEY-162586 was born in 1836.
  M ii
Whitlock ALLEY-162588 was born in 1838 in , Franklin, Indiana.
  F iii Emaline ALLEY-162589 was born in 1838.
  M iv Enoch ALLEY-162591 was born in 1840.
  F v Susannah ALLEY-162594 was born in 1843.
  M vi John William ALLEY-162596 was born on 5 May 1844. He died on 26 May 1921.
  F vii Nancy ALLEY-162585 was born on 22 Jun 1846.
  F viii Martha ALLEY-164371 was born in 1848.
  M ix Commodore Perry ALLEY-162598 was born in 1854. He died on 11 Apr 1930.

Frank Camden ALLEY [Parents]-163864 was born on 13 May 1911 in Page, Fayette, West Virginia. He died on 27 Jul 1999 in Beckley, Raleigh, West Virginia. He was buried in Sunset Mem Park, Beckley, Raleigh, West Virginia. Frank married (MRIN:54469) Virgie ROBERTSON-161037.

Other marriages:

Virgie ROBERTSON-161037 was born about 1914. Virgie married (MRIN:54469) Frank Camden ALLEY-163864.

Other marriages:

Abijah G. ALLEY [Parents]-161038 was born in 1794 in , Russell, Virginia. He died in 1865 in , Scott, Virginia. Abijah married (MRIN:54470) Jane J. HARRIS-161039 on 22 Sep 1858.

Other marriages:
BUTCHER, Mariah "Marie"


Jane J. HARRIS-161039 died on 14 Mar 1896 in Afton, Ottawa, Oklahoma. Jane married (MRIN:54470) Abijah G. ALLEY-161038 on 22 Sep 1858.

Thomas Joseph ALLEY "Sr" [Parents]-66269 was born in 1755 in , Henrico, Virginia. He died on 27 May 1834 in Cinch Valley, Scott, Virginia. Thomas married (MRIN:54471) Ann PORTER-161040 on 10 Dec 1821.

Other marriages:
ALLEY, Sarah Jane
GREEN, Mary "Molly"


Ann PORTER [Parents]-161040 was born in 1750 in , , North Carolina. Ann married (MRIN:54471) Thomas Joseph ALLEY "Sr"-66269 on 10 Dec 1821.

Patrick PORTER-161041. Patrick married (MRIN:54472) Susannah WALKER-161042.

Susannah WALKER-161042. Susannah married (MRIN:54472) Patrick PORTER-161041.

They had the following children.

  F i Ann PORTER-161040 was born in 1750.

John ALLEY [Parents]-161114 was born in 1628 in Oxon, Oxfordshire, England. He died on 25 Nov 1653 in Newbury, Essex, Massachussets. John married (MRIN:54473) Rebecca AYERS-161045 on 8 Oct 1648 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.

Rebecca AYERS [Parents]-161045 was born in 1626 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. She died about 1711. Rebecca married (MRIN:54473) John ALLEY-161114 on 8 Oct 1648 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.


They had the following children.

  F i Hannah ALLEY-161048.
  F ii
Elizabeth ALLEY-161050 died in Died Young .
  M iii
Samuel ALLEY-161051.
  M iv
Thomas ALLEY-165674 was born about 1650.
  F v Rebecca ALLEY-161056 was born on 6 May 1652.
  F vi Mary ALLEY-161058 was born on 24 Apr 1654.
  M vii John ALLEY-161060 was born on 16 Feb 1657.
  F viii
Ruth ALLEY-161063 was born on 9 Aug 1660.
  F ix Sarah ALLEY-161064 was born on 14 Aug 1662. She died on 14 Aug 1662.

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